New to Smartthings, have a question about adding features to Automated Garage doors

I’m using RBoy’s Garage Door Open/Close Automatically Smart App to control Garage Door A and Garage Door B.

Garage Door A uses MyQ and i have the myQ Lite SmartApp working.
Garage Door B uses the Iris Version of the Linear Garage door controller. It’s working correctly as well.

RBoy’s App opens the Garage Door A when iphone A arrives and closes door A when iphone A leaves. The door automatically closes after 7 minutes as it should. I used a 2nd copy of the app to control garage door B, so it operates when iphone B arrives and closes the door when iphone B leaves. Door B also closes automatically after 7 minutes, too.

What i would like to do is add a feature that would suspend or reset the countdown to automatically close the garage door based upon movement detected by a samsung motion detector.

So if i’m ‘working’ in the garage, the door won’t close on me because i’m setting off the motion detector. I also wouldn’t have to change settings and then forget / neglect to change them back.

Is there an ‘easy’ way to accomplish this?

you could ask @RBoy for an enhancement to his app or you could make your own rule in WebCore.


I did ask and RBoy asked me to propose it on the community forum to solicit additional feedback.

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ok. the thread for that app may be reach the audience better

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