New to home automation -- How limited am I by old wiring?

Yeah I’m going to just have him come out and give it a look. Only issue is I don’t want to buy any switches until I know exactly what I can or cannot do.

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I’m using smart bulbs and they’re perfectly acceptable for me but other people in the house and guests constantly shut the power off to the bulbs.

While not the most aesthetically pleasing solution, these have worked great for protecting my smart bulbs.
[Magnetic Switch & Outlett Cover for Toggle Switches]

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There are lots of solutions for that particular issue, including smart switch covers (but not the one I already linked to, the kind that don’t change the switch underneath)

@coyg I have that issue as well using smart bulbs. In discreet locations like our cellar, I use a sophisticated solution called a sticky note “DO NOT TURN OFF THIS SWITCH” ;-).

In more prominent spaces, I’ve given up and am switching to a combo of smart outlets (for lamps) and smart light switches (for rooms). There is nothing wrong with the outlet covers (nor sticky notes…), but we are working so hard on our fixer upper farmhouse that I want a more aesthetically consistent solution once a room is renovated. Outlets are generally hidden and toggle switches still let me use a Victorian farmhouse era plate.