New to Echo and SmartThings - First project in new construction

Would this work as a solution for the fan?

I would then say to maintain control without an application use a z wave remote.

What about something like the Aeron Labs micro dimmer in the wall box for the lights:

And their micro switch in the fan shroud:

This would give me lights on/off/dim at the wall and via alexa and also would give me fan on/off/speed at the wall, plus on/off via alexa, right?


You never heard me say surely one all-in-one fan and light controller that fits in a single gang box will be released soon. :wink:

Up until 2016, the radio units were just too big. You need two separate ones, one for the fan motor and one for the lights, because the physics of those are different. So you put all that stuff together, and it just doesn’t fit, at least with the Z wave classic devices.

It’s exactly the same reason why up until now you couldn’t get a zwave light switch with a built-in motion detector.

With zwave plus, it is possible to make the radio devices smaller, so we may yet to see it someday. But nobody has certified one yet.

As for this:

So a micro-dimmer in the wall box and a fan controller in the fan shroud isn’t an option?

Sure, you can do that, but then you don’t have a wall switch for the fan. I like having a wall switch for the fan. :sunglasses:

The two devices in two different places options are things that people have almost always used for retrofits because they only have a single gang switch box. Or because they didn’t have a neutral at the switchbox.

That’s not an issue with new construction, so why not use a double gang switch and make everything easy, including for visitors and kids and people in wheelchairs? (Just sayin’…:wink:)

If you can’t go left or right with a double gang box… just put another single gang directly above or below it.


I agree a double gang box fixes my issues. The problem is that in one of the two rooms it just isn’t an option because of an in the wall coffee pot on the other side of the wall. The rough in box for the coffee pot comes right over next to the single gang box on the other side of the wall. I could have moved the coffee pot back a stud, but the wife felt that was too deep into the cubby.

You must be a divorce attorney. :grin:

lol, I wish…

Not that it matters, but this is the ‘planned’ dumb switch.

Understood. In a case like that, putting one device at the fan shroud makes sense. So then maybe you want the controls in each of the two rooms to be identical.

Also, you probably already know this, but there are some battery operated devices that you can stick on the wall Next to an existing switch if you do want an on wall controller for the micro. That gives you a bunch of additional options, although you are then adding a third device. But you add a third device if you use a handheld remote as well.

Choice is good. :sunglasses:

That’s a nice device, but once you go with that you won’t want to switch to the Z wave switches because they will feel like they have fewer features. Where if you go from the pull chain to the automated Z wave devices everybody’s going to think it’s a huge improvement. :wink:

Yep, but the killer feature for the z-wave would be the wife asking alexa to turn the fan up or down from her theater seat.

I’m not asking for alot, I only want it ALL. :joy:


Ahhhhh… No one should be talking during the movie… I’d go with a remote device! No one gets up. No one talks. The movie is not interrupted!

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You guys are great.

It pains me that the only real issue preventing me from going this way is one silly single gang box. We even spoke about putting the coffee pot on the other side of the cubby. But, the water and power lines are ran so that horse is gone.

If I was to go with a micro dimmer behind the wall switch, and a micro on/off in the shroud, what control would I loose at the wall switch?

Oh, and as much as I love my URC, I don’t want to think about asking my wife to control the fan or lights with it. If she CAN, great.

Two requirements. Normal control at the wall. Voice control.

I don’t disagree. However, once again your manly option leaves me in the doghouse with the one I call ‘dear’. :blush:

**I tried to respond but the UI said I had reached the maximum number of responses I could do in a day. So I guess this is it for me.

I’m on my computer in the car as we are driving back to KC from a thanksgiving get together. You have me laughing. My wife is asking what is going on - I’m not sure I can tell her about WAF.

I’ll keep researching and watching this thread - I appreciate any and all ideas.

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Oh I solved that problem long ago… I gave her the remote!

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Some people say FAF ( Family Acceptance factor)

Or SAF ( spousal acceptance factor)

At our house we use xAF, where X is anyone except The person who installed the device/rule. :wink: As in, “no one but you could ever figure out how to make this work! :rage:” ( Very low xAF)

Need photos - but is it possible to move to another wall? Or move the fan switch to another?

I’d be surprised if you use the fan switch itself after ST/Echo or whatever,

I have no problem with the existing ones in 2 rooms - but my bedroom needs a redo. It will need changed to a 2-gang and run some wires. They all now have the old style rf fan controls - work but no st and I hate the dimmer set up.

Just don’t settle now, for something you will always regret.

I only skimmed the replies, but had not seen putting just the fan control in the single gang box on the wall. Then just use smart bulbs in the recessed cans. Either Hue BR30 or the Osram 5/6 can lights depending on what style recessed lighting you are using. Either will work with Alexa ( well if you want to change colors by voice you need to play a bit with virtual switches, or use AskAlexa )
If you are debating moving an Echo, I’d suggest grabbing another one ( or 2,) while they are on sale this weekend

As an update to anyone searching and finding this: It’s 12/29/16. I did go ahead and take the plunge to a Samsung ST hub, the Amazon DOT and a couple of plug in modules for our bedside lamps. I also installed a Harmony Elite Remote/Hub. The ceiling fan and in ceiling light fixtures are controlled by a “dumb” single gang switch with motor speed and dimming capabilities.

The plug in dimmers give us control of each of our lamps - by voice - both on and off. Plus, I have them set in a group so so they can be controlled together. This gives the wife the ability to say: “Alexa, turn my lamp on”. “Alexa, turn my lamp off”. “Alexa dim my lamp to xx”. She can do the same with mine, or she can turn them both on/off with “Alexa turn the bedroom lights on/off”

The good news? She. Loves. This.

So, there still seems to be no solution for my ceiling fan, in-ceiling lights. But, what I’d like to do is put a controller in the fan shroud. I’ll give up control at the wall if there is something that can control on/off/speed via voice/smartphone. But, alas, I don’t see anything that does even THAT. Short of putting a smart wall switch in the ceiling fan (ha!) is there a module that will do this?

Off Topic: The Harmony Elite/Hub work great. I’m not a fan of the limited customization of the software (compared to the URC software), but voice control is much more useful that I thought. Being able to change channel to any of my favorites is pretty cool. No hunting for the remote - “Alexa, turn to Fox News”. Nice.

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If there is a module that can control fan speed, I have not found it yet. You have a couple that can handle on/off simple enough. . With it you can turn the fan and or lights on/off, but still have to use the pull chain to control fan speed.