New Things view Forces you to see what they want you to see in multi tile at top

BTW did you update to 2.0.4? it works fine on 2.0.3 (for iOS)

Also your attribute, speedLevel is that defined as a string, number or enum?

I also tried lighting type (even I can’t make out the difference) and it doesn’t seem to make any difference. Still crashing. Tried on iPhone 5S and 4S running iOS7.

I just tried your code (copy paste) with the 2.0.4 app on a iPhone 5S and it crashed the app.

IPhone 6, iOS 9.1 and ST 2.04. So maybe new version broke legacy compatibility.

SpeedLevel attribute is defined as number.

Hmm that may be it since it’s working for you on iOS 9.1 Darn love ST.

Hello Everyone,

After reading through this thread, my conclusion is that, for some unknown reason SmartThings has removed the ability to change the default tile? i.e. temp instead of open/closed? Furthermore, a fix this minor has to be delivered via firmware in custom device types which may or may not be approved in an unknown timeframe?

While I appreciate the efforts of the community to work around this, are there any representatives from the SmartThings development staff who can explain this change? Being a software engineer myself, im a bit dumbfounded and am hoping this is in fact not the case. I could sit here and rant until the cows come home but im hoping it was an oversight. It was and oversight, right? Right?!

Bummed out Dev

Maybe it was an oversight, but now it’s very low priority for them to fix. Their response has been, “oops, sorry”. They tossed out the old UI without implementing all of its features in the new UI. We are just out of luck on a number of fronts, this being a relatively minor one.


So basically, worst case scenario. This has really gone from a product I recommended to others to a ‘skip and wait for something better’ Thanks for your response.

Join the club! But when you find that something better, would you please come back and share?

Actually, these issues are UI issues, and don’t really change what’s under the covers, so to speak. ST still works as well or as poorly, depending on your perspective, as it has for the past year.

I respectfully disagree Bruce, UI can make or break an application, cool functionality be damned. Heck im in the UGLY UI / sweet functionality trap on other projects, but those aren’t commercial with a supposed UX team. Anyways, ill stop with the sour grapes as it doesn’t really do anything useful, but between the the lack of a local api still and this, its a bit of a kick in the gut!

Sadly, there isnt. I work on an open source home automation project, but as the lead GUI developer I can say 100% its not really ready for any sort of wide use / acceptance. Too much nerd factor required. But the more solid commercial projects have nonsense like this. ACK!

@Jim the documentation still suggests that the user can choose this default tile to show in the list of things page

main(["status", "acceleration", "temperature"])
details(["status", "acceleration", "temperature", "3axis", "battery", "refresh"])

Is this still the case or is the documentation out of date?

I’m trying to track down an answer if this feature is coming back. At the code level, main() still accepts a list, but it’s not possible for users to select that as the main tile currently, so it’s not useful.

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I removed it from the docs to avoid confusion, if that feature comes back we’ll add it back. Specifyin a list won’t hurt anything, but it serves no functional purpose now. Thanks @RBoy for bringing it up!

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This would a GREAT feature to have back. With more multi sensor devices coming online this allows the user a great flexibility to see what’s important to them in the things screen.


It’s a couple of years and many more users later - wondering if restoring this is anywhere on the roadmap? Having to keep multiple DTH versions (one for humidity focus, one for temp focus, etc. )is a bit of a pain.


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