New Switch and and Plug vendor

I just came across a new company that provide WIFI based Smart Switches and Plugs. Seeing that these switches support gestures could really set them apart from the rest of the vendors on the market.

Yeah - that company used to be called UBE. Nice looking but it has taken them a LONG time to get a product to market.

I supported these guys a year ago when they were running their crowd funding campaign.
I am told that the devices will ship by end of year 2014. We will see.
I have a lot of unanswered questions about them-- but they definitely look like a quality made device with lots of capabilities including sub-metering.

Here is a comment from UBE on their kickstarter page re: ST

Creator Ube on February 18, 2014
Fei, we will have an open API which will allow integration with SmartThings.

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Any updates on this? They look pretty cool. Their website says the switch will ship winter 2014. I guess they are delayed.

Yes - I guess so, I haven’t gotten anything from them yet.
The occasionally send updates on the crowd funding campaign but still no devices…I will post if I ever get them. :smile: