New style presence sensor issues

(Ryan) #1

I bought a new version presence sensor, as I thought my last one had failed. My wife still has an old style presence sensor which works fine. I was able to link the new sensor, and it showed as present. I left the house, it changed to away. But, it’s never showed up back home. No matter what I do I cannot get it to resend. Changed batteries, nothing. Reset the device, I get the exact same behavior, tried changing device types back to the old device handler, no dice. So, I buy a new presence sensor, since clearly this one is broken…I get the exact same results!! What am I doing wrong? Who’s having issues, or success…new device handler, old one? Help!!

(Eric) #2

Do you know the brand and/or model number?

(Ernie) #3

Similar issue with my wife’s presence sensor but hers usually works after taking the battery out and putting it back in. How far is the sensor, when in normal use, from your ST hub? Do you have any zigbee repeaters near where the sensor is kept at home?

(Robin) #4

I used to have major issues with these as they seem to emit a rather week signal (battery preservation I guess).

I mainly use zwave stuff so my Zigbee mesh was non-existent in regards to repeaters.

Couple of ST outlets around the house soon solved the problem and they have been super reliable ever since!

(Ryan) #5

STS-PRS-250 by Samsung

(Ryan) #6

I have zigbee repeaters in several places around the house. The strange part is that it just started all of the sudden. I think it coincided with the new device handler a ways back, but I can’t be sure.