New ST user trying to get Aeotec to chime on sensor open

Apologies in advance if this is not the correct place for this inquiry…

I’m new to the ST world and just received a new Aeotec ZW056-A Doorbell, which I’m trying to incorporate into my setup. I’ve loaded the Aeotec Doorbell v 1.14.1 device handler and the doorbell shows up in the ST app and seems to be synced fine.

That’s as far as I’ve been able to go and am a bit lost. I’ve written a small Webcore app that sends an SMS to my phone anytime one of the five door sensors on my home are opened or closed. Ideally, I’d like to also send a command to the doorbell to set off the chime anytime one of those door sensors opens.

I’m sure this is pretty simple, but I’m stuck with brain-freeze. If anyone can give me a kick in the right direction I’d be most appreciative!


The following thread should help, it is by the author of that DTH and there are a number of code examples in it. You can also ask a question there and probably get a quicker response.

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Did you add the doorbell to webcore? I don’t see the device anywhere in the piston your posted.
#1, why do you have a switch in your piston?
#2, select the device you want to perform the action, in this case the bell.
#3, select the appropriate command.

Is this your first piston? you might want to go over to the webcore forum and look through some examples.

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Couldn’t you do this with smart home monitor?

Admittedly, I haven’t tried to create a custom alert based on multiple contact sensors, but assuming the alert can be triggered when any of the monitored contact sensors changes state (not just if they ALL change), SHM should work fine for this purpose I think.

The aeotec doorbell is seen by ST as a switch, so when you create an SHM custom monitoring rule, you would need to setup the “alert with lights” section to turn on your doorbell’s switch each time the alert is triggered. And you could send an sms too.

Yes, that would be another way to go. I did figure out how to get the doorbell to respond with a sensor state=open.

I’m new to ST, so I’m trying to figure out the most efficient way of setting this routine up. If using the ST app, wouldn’t I have to set up each individual sensor?

The Webcore piston handles all sensor easily in just a few lines of code.

Now I have to figure out how to load some custom chime tones into the doorbell. I’m sure I’ll be looking for help on that! :slight_smile: