New ST User - Summary coming from Revolv to v2

Quick thoughts coming from Revolv to ST v2. I’ve spent a lot of time reading support articles and community posts, and much of this is covered or raised already. But this maybe a useful summary

1910s Craftsman home, 2400 sqft on two floors. Lots of wood, plaster walls, etc.
–> Detached Garage
2 Schlage Camelot Touchscreen Locks
2 Nest
11 Jasco zwave Dimmers/Switches. (more to add)
HUE with 4 bulbs (more to add)
RACHIO (not hooked up to ST)
Garage Door controller/sensor (not hooked up yet)
SONOS with 3 Speakers / 1 Connect / 1 Connect Amp
–> Actually there are more speakers, but they are grouped in a home theater setup and deleted the extra

My starting point is all things (“devices”) worked great with the Revolv and I had my routines ( “actions”) finally set for my wife and I to agree. Migrating to ST primarily because Revolve was abandoned as we know, plus stronger customization and community.


  1. Packaging was nice. A silly point, but nice to see.
  2. WLAN makes more sense than wired Ethernet, at least for me. I spent a long time determining the best place for my Revolv hub for signal strength, which is nowhere near my router. Sure, I could have someone run cable through the basement to the desired location, but that’s more expense than should be necessary. So the ST hub is located near the router which definitely affects its signal strength in my home.
  3. I sat with the dreaded “solid blue LEDs” for about 10 hours, referenced in a separate post I made. Frustrated, I finally went to bed and it fixed itself overnight. No issues since, but still odd behavior.


  1. I performed general exclude on all of the devices since Revolve did not have a way to do this. It worked MOST of the time, there were a few hiccups, eg: my Schlage locks registered the exclude but that never showed as such in the ST App. Confirmation of the schlage exclude from the checkmark, plus disconnecting the battery pack and no blink on inside schlage button.
  2. Most of my switches added easily, which was great. There are a few which required me to use a 100ft Ethernet cable (again WLAN easier!) and battery power (very nice!) for a closer setup. A few times the app sat in “connect a device” never registering a new thing and I cancelled, but then the device “magically” appeared in the Things list and worked properly --> Perhaps a timing issue in the app?
  3. Once everything is in place, I plan to reboot the hub and run a few network repairs. Hopefully the devices which I moved the hub next too will find their route.
  4. Nest - Using the unofficial integration. I believe Nest has released their API, so it’s unclear why an official version isn’t released.
  5. Dropcam integration would be nice
  6. RachIO integration would be nice. I saw a post that RachIO was working on something.
  7. Schlage lock integration is very rudimentary. Missing: (1) battery power, (2) Retrieve security codes, (3) Add new security codes

Overall I like the Application, but there are few really challenging points for me. Most should be easy to fix.

  1. Font/Colors are not as strong as they could be. Plus they are inconsistent within the app.
  2. SmartHome Monitor - I have not played with this yet, but it seems promising … I think. First impression is that ST wants to be my security system - which won’t happen without 24/7 monitoring, cellular backup etch, plus like most people I already have a security system - Frontpoint. But this may just be the way it’s initially presented regarding window/door sensors. I plan to work on the Smart Home Monitor last with the idea of it being a “quick look” dashboard for status and alerts.
  3. Modes and Routines. At a high level, the approach makes sense … but implementing proves to be a challenge. Forget trying to explain it to my wife! I’ve read the posts about theoretically requiring 4 different modes (day-home, day-away, etch) … too confusing for non-techies who want plug and play. For now, I’m ignoring Modes and focusing on Routines. A big issue thus far in Routines is the inability to set dimmer % by specific device, eg: set Spotlights at 30% and overhead at 50%.
  4. Changing icons for devices does not stick. Annoying more than anything
  5. Adding User / Different Registered Devices - This is a HUGE miss with product launch. Coming from Revolv, there was smart intelligence on registered devices and geofencing activities, eg: If both my phone and my wifes phone are out of fence, but the iPads are in fence then that means we are AWAY. I hope this gets fixed soon because it’s deal breaker functionality for a “smart home”.
  6. A few navigation issues which are really annoying, at least during setup Most of this is related to reduce the number of taps.
    –> Make the gear icon on My locations bigger.
    –> In My locations, move the content under “Hub” up to that first page to reduce taps. Example, to get to Zwave Utilities requires: 1 tap for menu, 1 tap for My locations, 1 tap on my location gear icon, then a scroll, then 1 tap on Home Hub, then 1 tap on Zwave Utilities, and finally 1 tap on what you want to do. So for a Network Repair, that is 6 taps!
    –> On “Connect New Device”, please add a “Done” or Menu Dots to the top right. It’s a huge pain to click through the option to find a device, only to have it fail connection … and then have to keep pressing the top left back arrow to get out. Also - why not use swipe to go back?

More to come, but that’s a good start

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You may have a “partial” connection. Some features or functions may not be available. An example would be LUX value does not update on a multi-sensor.

E-mail support for this.

I never experienced REVOLV beyond the app but was intrigued with this feature. Unfortunately, I don’t think you will see it here anytime soon, but one of the pros can happily correct me. There is an ibeacon solution now that I’m wanting to try that might work for you as well. If I were JD Roberts I’d post the link…

That’s a shame … presence based on device (e.g. a phone with an app) makes a LOT of sense!

For those coming from Revolv, plan to spend some time learning the difference of use between SmartApps, Routines and Modes. I still haven’t figured it out … but today found a great SmartApp (community, not supported) for the Schlage Camelot which allows me to manage user codes.

To be clear, ST does recognize a device for presence, but to my knowledge it doesn’t have logic based presence like what you described with REVOLV. I could be wrong about that, but I’ve never seen it.