New ST user question ; how to create a virtual button to run an Alexa routine?

We have an Alexa routine to set echo volume to 3, then play an amazon music Playlist for 40min. Would like to find a way to trigger that routine without using voice commands. Ive seen suggestions that it’s possible in ST and have read some of the threads but still cant quite figure out how to actually implement this.

So far my ST capabilities have been limited to some zwave switches, a water sensor, and smart lock. Haven’t done much of anything crazy in the way of scripted automations. Can anyone walk me through what if need to do to create a virtual button we could trigger on our phone, to run this Alexa routine?

See the FAQ: (this is a clickable link)

Thanks. This was actually one of the threads I read through, but some of it is still a bit over my head. Is there a step by step for creating the custom dth that’s referenced? Haven’t done anything with dth’s to this point. Pretty much have just done what’s available in the ST mobile app itself (classic and new)

Just follow the steps in the community – created wiki article linked to from the FAQ, it tells you everything you need. In particular, follow the link to the article called “if you have never used custom code before.“ It has the terminology and the general process steps that should clear up most of the confusion. :sunglasses:

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