New ST Outlet says "Please Wait"

Tonight I installed a new SmartThings Outlet and it continues to say “Please Wait” in the ST app (android). I followed the instruction in the box by clicking add new thing in the app and then plugged the Outlet into my wall outlet (3 feet from the ST hub). The blue light on the Outlet came on immediately and the app found a new device called “Thing”. I renamed it to Office Lamps as that is what I want to use it for. After renaming it the app showed “configuring” for a couple of seconds and then showed the new Office Lamps in my list of Things, but the state/status only shows “Please Wait”… this is after 15+ minutes.

I have tried removing the Outlet from the app. The first time I tried that it failed to removed, but it worked the second attempt. Going through the install process again yields the never ending Please Wait message again.

Any thoughts?

If it was included as a “thing” and not as SmartPower outlet just changing the name will not tell ST what it is.
For whatever reason it was not identified properly during inclusion. That is why it is just " waiting" when you turn it on/off. Option 1 is to reset it , remove it and try including it again. See if it gets identified properly. Another option is to log into your IDE , look for it under " my devices" open it, then edit the type to be ST smartpower outlet. Save it. Make app was completely closed out , open STapp and see if it now works.

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Thanks, the combination of those two things seems to have gotten it to work.

What the hell is “IDE” and how do I get to it?

IDE —>