New ST Hub Firmware

Not sure if this is connected, but a new firmware has been pushed to my ST hub. And since it has every section I go to on my app gives errors, I have to keep going back and forth and the error goes away. Is there something wrong in this new firmware?

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I had a similar issue were I had to re-sync all of my Samsung door and door sensors.

You can ask in the following thread:

All 20+ things in my house are offline. I’ve restarted modem, router, and ST hub and everything is still offline. Since the hub is offline I don’t even have the option to go back and reconnect all my devices (which I really don’t want to do anyway.) Suggestions?

Click on the link in the post above yours and discuss any issues in that thread.

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I had an issue with my hub going offline last evening and tonight. Yesterday came back after a reboot of the modem. Tonight I took the batteries out, unplugged power/ethernet cable for about a half hour. It came backup after that.

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Is your Hub light Orange? If so:


Oops. I posted steps for David. Looks like you did the same thing to get resolved.