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New Sony Bravia TV integration for 2015 - 2016 alpha


(Steve ) #284

No just the device handler.
I’ve just looked back at your screenshot and noticed the device network ID where you converted your IP to hex.
Its all in uppercase but it should have 2 lowercase "c0a80109:0050"
May not make a difference but worth trying.
Also In the SmartThings app go into the Sony device and click the cog you have entered your correct IP in there haven’t you?
Not the hex IP

(Kurt Jones) #285

Everything is correct based on your instructions. I have even tried different ports.

(Brigidino) #287

Hello Folks, do you believe it can work with philips android tv also?

(Robert) #288

Thanks for creating this! I successfully installed it per your instructions with my new Sony XBR75900E. TV status and controls work great.

(Jane) #289

Which DTH is the correct current one right now?

(Steve ) #290

Still the one at the top I don’t think it’s been updated since.

(Patrick Mjoen) #291

I have also modified the code for a new UI and added in this forum.

(Jane) #292

How do you get this type of interface from this post?

(Steve ) #293

You need to modify the device handler to what you want.
Look at the post just above yours by @pmjoen he’s created a similar one that he’s shared.

(Daniel Schifsky) #294

How does one get modify this? I would like to replace “Netflix” with “Kodi”. Is this something that can easily be done?

(Steve ) #295

It’s not as easy as just replacing the text to say Kodi as it would still load Netflix.
There needs to be a relevant action to open the Kodi app and I’m not sure there is one to open apps.
Might have a look myself wouldn’t mind that actually

(Patrick Mjoen) #296

Unfortunately there is no remote command for Kodi so this would not work through this DTH.

(le borgne) #297

i don’t know if i post in the right place but i’m looking for a way to remote my 2015 SONY TV with voice through a google home.
i extracted the ircc code from the tv, using a chrome plugin (REST) !
i want use ifttt to send these codes to the tv but have no idea how to deal with!
Do you know a way to do that?

thanks for your help

(Glen King) #298

Start here:

I’m too lazy at the moment, with two cats sleeping in my lap, to go to my Android control tablet… but I have a few Tasker profiles configured there that run from Alexa Voice commands. If I remember tomorrow, I’ll post one or two.


Kinda working but with issues.

The buttons basically work so clearly it is connecting and sending commands ok. But I can turn the TV off, but for some reason ST doesn’t complete this. When I click off the TV goes off, but ST reports turning off and never knows its off. Hence I can never issue an on command.

log says - 21:07:24: debug Executing ‘off’

and nothing else!

TV is Sony - KD55X9005CBU

I also see that the “video & tv sideview” app for ios can start various apps and has more detailed control. How can I work on getting that info and adding it in? Specifically I want to turn TV on and start up the browser.


(Steve ) #300

I had a similar issue.
My problem turned out to be Hex IP conversion it was slightly wrong so double check it with a few different sites.
I don’t think you’ll be able to launch the browser from the ST app.
This Site has all the available commands.

(Yyjjxxmm) #301

Hi pmjoen:

I have installed your version of the device handler for my Sony Bravia x850D and it works well so far. I am wondering if there is an existing remote code for the TV button on the remote which I assign to the video input. I want to have the TV show this input every time when I turn on the TV by the smartthings. Thank you for your help.

(Patrick Mjoen) #302

I dont believe their is, here is the site I used to verify the tv commands, and dont see it:

Unless it is the colored ones…

(Glen King) #303

Hmmm. Imagining for a moment you are using SmartThings to do automations with this tv, rather than as a remote control, the answer would be a sequence of events… perhaps in webcore. Something like:

IF front door unlocked with user code 3
. turn on Bravia
. wait two seconds
. switch to hdmi3 input

Btw, I’ve not been able to get the x850d to do Wake on Lan.
I fake it out by
. open Netflix. This command will power on the set if it’s off.
. choose the input I want.

(Yyjjxxmm) #304

I did some research and find the code for TV button from the following link

So I added the following code to the device handler

def TVS(){
// set remote command to send
state.remotecommand = "AAAAAQAAAAEAAAAkAw=="
state.button - "TVS"

and add tiles etc. It is working perfectly. I somehow can turn on the TV with on button. so I use the codes you mentioned above to turn on TV upon detection of motion outdoor and show up the security camera feeds.

Now I need to code how to decide when to turn off the TV if someone is watching it already or no one is watching.