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New Sony Bravia TV integration for 2015 - 2016 alpha


(Patrick Mjoen) #264

Make sure you perform the device id step that is in the first post (convert ip to hex and use as network id) as that is how I corrected it. I left the channel buttons out of my view for this very reason. It cant control your cable box, just the channel on tv (which is usually the antenna).

(Janos Elohazi) #265

I have an XBR-55X810C Android TV and this thing works like a charm. Thank you!

(Glen King) #266

The channel commands sent by other means, such as Alexa/IFTTT hooks, will change the channel on whatever input you are using. All you need do is use the provided IR blaster. So if you are on antenna and send a channel change command, it will work… and if you have correctly set up the set to use its own provided remote to change channels on a cable or satellite box, and you send the same channel change command, it will use its IR blaster to make that channel change.

(Patrick Mjoen) #267

Not sure what you mean, by IR blaster, nothing like that came with my TV. I haven’t changed any functionality in the DTH, just reorganized the UI. If the channels/numbers worked in the previous DTH it would still work.

(Glen King) #268

Oh, gotcha… the newer Bravia units come with IR blaster cables. So you can use just the Sony remote control, and it passes the relevant commands (channel, pause, FF, rewind, etc) through the IR blaster which you position in front of the cable/sat box.

Your device handler would not need to know anything about that though. It’s all handled in the tv itself.

(Dustin Medlin) #269

I am very new to all of this. I have been reading and trying to get this to work for the past two hours. I purchased a SmartThings Hub with some lights. My TV is a 60inch X690E (2017) and for the life of me I can not understnad how to get this to work. It wants the following info on the Create Device in the Smart Things hub. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Name *
Zigbee Id
Device Network Id *
Type *
Version *

Please talk like I am a 10 year old. Well, maybe five year old.

Thank you!

(Steve ) #270

Have you changed the settings on your tv yet?
If so your settings will be similar to this

Label = Put whatever you want in there
Tv= mines Tv
Zigbee ID = leave blank
Network ID= needs to be your TVs IP address that has been converted to hex use Here to convert.
Once you get your number copy and paste into there but then put :0050 at the end like in my picture.

Type= select the device handler you installed
it will be at the bottom of the list.
Version= choose published
Hub= select your hubs name from the list
Group = leave blank for now
Hope all that helps

(Dustin Medlin) #271

Thank you so much for the quick response. I have spent countless hours trying to understand why this wont work. I have follow every step. The one thing I was not doing was adding the ":0050"after the Hex converted IP address. But that didn’t seem to fix the problem. It is communicating with smart things as I notice it on on the log when I press a button. However it doesn’t do anythg to the tv.

(Steve ) #272

Are you sure the device handler is correct and more importantly you’ve converted the hex right.
How about in the SmartThings app in the tv device have you clicked the cog and put your IP address

(Dustin Medlin) #273

Yep. Spaced it out every three as well.

Actually, it might be the PSK Passphrase Set on your TV. What exactly is that?

(Steve ) #274

That should be “sony” all lowercase
Just go back to the first post and check each setting on your tv is turned on.
Authentication, pre shared key ,etc
This is my SmartThings app

(Dustin Medlin) #275

Yeah, I changed that and still nothing. I am actually starting to think it is a defect with the TV. I am not able to connect it with the Sony Video and TV Slideshow app either.

(Steve ) #276

Oh right that should connect no problem.
How are you connecting to your internet?
Wi-Fi or Lan whichever it is try swapping and also restart your router you might have a ip conflict

(Richard R) #277

I think you need [sony] not sony and it should work for you


No one has had this problem? Or any idea why it is occurring?
I have set Pollster to poll and refresh every 1 minute. If I just do one or the other, nothing is triggered.
As you can see by the logs, when the Pollster refresh is sent, the device states that it is “off”, then the refresh is sent again, and now the device states “on”. This all happens within 3 seconds.

2017-12-10 8:22:13.147 AM CET
moments ago DEVICE switch on Sony TV switch is on
2017-12-10 8:22:12.811 AM CET
moments ago COMMAND refresh refresh command was sent to Sony TV
2017-12-10 8:22:10.487 AM CET
moments ago DEVICE switch off Sony TV switch is off
2017-12-10 8:22:10.473 AM CET
moments ago APP_COMMAND refresh Pollster sent refresh command to Sony TV
2017-12-10 8:22:10.467 AM CET
moments ago COMMAND poll poll command was sent to Sony TV
2017-12-10 8:22:10.231 AM CET
moments ago APP_COMMAND poll Pollster sent poll command to Sony TV

I don’t understand what difference is between “APP_COMMAND” and “COMMAND”, and why “APP_COMMAND” trigger device “off”, but it makes the whole automation unusable.
Any clues to lead me in the right direction would be much appreciated.


I solved it.
Just had to make Pollster only poll, not refresh. Then Smartthings will only react once the status has changed.

(Kurt Jones) #280

Why do you say that? Thats not what everyone else is doing.

(Kurt Jones) #281

Nothing I seem to do works. I can see the ST logging but nothing happens to my TV. I also have this problem trying to control my Yamaha Receiver. I dont know what else to try at this point.

(Kurt Jones) #282

Is there a SmartApp to add or just a DH?

(Glen King) #283

The Bravia does not seem to like wake-on-lan. I’ve tried everything to get it to work, and it won’t. That said, the ST “power off” command works fine - as it does when working via Alexa.

Interestingly, you don’t actually need to send it a power command of any sort to turn on the Bravia. I have automations in Alexa where I say ‘Alexa, trigger fireplace” and it will AutoCast a YouTube fireplace vid to the Bravia. If the Bravia is not ready on, that AutoCast actually turns the set on. Likewise a voice command to turn on Netflix will turn on the set if it’s not already on.