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New Sony Bravia TV integration for 2015 - 2016 alpha


(Patrick Mjoen) #244

So Ive rebuilt the DTH UI, but still cant get the on/off status to refresh. Also unable to get the power on function to work no matter what I set. Here is my updated DTH view (Up/Down in top tile controls volume)…

(Steve ) #245

Check you’ve converted the IP to HEX right as I had this issue and realised it was slightly wrong and soon as I changed it all was good.
Are you willing to share your amendments to the UI code? Think there’s a few of us in here who like it :slight_smile:

(Patrick Mjoen) #246

Everything else works except the on function. I assume that if the ip/hex was incorrect then no functions would work. Once I can get this working I will clean up my code an share.

(Steve ) #247

That’s what I thought as mine was working within routines, turning it off&on etc so I thought it was right but I never got the status.
But last week I thought I’ll just check and yeah it was wrong but it was still making a basic connection but now i get the status also.

(Kurt Jones) #248

Changed the PSK to 1111. Still nothing.

(Kurt Jones) #249

IP hasnt changed and to make sure I reserved it.

(Sanfe75) #250

The last thing I can think is a problem with the TV MAC address, can you double check it?
You could also try in another way, send a WOL command with another app (I use Fing for Android) or program and then turn on with your remote.

(Patrick Mjoen) #251

@Sanfe75 I got the power status and action working, it was an issue with the Hex conversion of the IP address as outlined in original post.

(Kurt Jones) #252

Is there a way to add the MAC address of the TV to the Device Handler?

(Steve Bratt) #253

is the device wired or wireless?

(Patrick Mjoen) #254

I have been asked to provide my DTH due to the UI I had shared. So here it is ( I added the functionality for Google Play but im getting a service error on tv for this DTH as well as sometimes with my remote control):

Github Integration:

(Kurt Jones) #255

The device is wireless

(Kurt Jones) #256

Could my issue be a port problem? My TV doesnt seem to be communicating either way.

(Kebel87) #257

Will test at home later, thanks a lot.

Does your DHT allows channel number input?

(Patrick Mjoen) #258

Since my tv is just a pass through from my receiver I took the channel numbers out. No need in my use case. I was thinking about creating a couple views and then allowing you to comment/I comment based on your use.

Thank You.

Please excuse any typos.

(Glen King) #259

Same here. The DTH works, but the state does not update if you power on/off outside the ST environment.

(Patrick Mjoen) #260

I had to do same as others by using Pollster app to poll and update status.


I also use Pollster. Way easier to setup than webcore.
My TV is Sony Android 2015 x850c. All controls seem to work, but I still have some issues with state.

I have setup two routines:
TV turns on - Enables “Watching TV” mode and turns on a lighting scene. Should be triggered when TV is on, but not when “Watching TV” mode is enabled.
TV turns off - Enables “Home” mode. Should be triggered when TV is on, but not when “Home” or “Away” mode are enabled.

This is the behavior I get at every polling when TV is on:
Routine TV turns off is triggered and enables “Home” mode.
Routine TV turns on is triggered and enables “Watching TV” mode and turns on the lighting scene

It is like Smartthings thinks for a second that the TV is off.
Any ideas how I could fix this? I use Steve’s device handler without edits.

(Mark) #262

@steve.bratt, got your DTH to work on a Sony KDL-55W800B. Awesome work, thanks!

I see two problems—(1) the same on/off problem many others seem to be having; and (2) channel up.down. When I change channels, the TV changes antenna channels, rather than changing cable channels. Odd because when I use my native Sony remote control to change channels, the TV has always been able to keep the cable channels in sync.

Also, FWIW, it appears to me that those of us that don’t have Android-based TVs from Sony can’t use @pmjoen’s or @aarick’s DTHs

Any thoughts are welcome!

(Kebel87) #263

That would be awesome!

If you decide to do so, I’d advise you keep in mind that whichever visor/view is selected for the device in ST, other apps like WebCoRE (you really should look into it you you didn’t yet) will benefit from having the custom command defined and .

In other words (sorry, English is my second language), I think the commands to send numbers to TV should be defined and placed in metadata regardless of the device layout selected.