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New Sony Bravia TV integration for 2015 - 2016 alpha


(Steve Bratt) #224

I dont think it is at least not via SOAP/Web requests, but i could be wrong as im no expert.

(Patrick Mjoen) #225

I have changed the code to test the WOLC when I select to turn ON but that is not working either. Power Save is OFF.

(Kurt Jones) #226

Are there any detailed instructions on how to set this up? I feel I have followed what was originally posted but its not working. I have a feeling I am doing something wrong.

(Steve ) #227

The first post should do it for you.
What part you struggling with ?

(Kurt Jones) #228

I must be doing something wrong with the IP/Hex address part. Or it could
be the port number. The app isnt communicating with my receiver.

(Steve Bratt) #229

can you post some screen shots or photos of what your putting in to things and we can check them?

(Kurt Jones) #230

(Steve ) #231

that doesn’t look the same as mine
i entered it as hex in the main device settings but in the preferences its the normal ip

(ᵇᶥᵍ ШΞΒȘГẬŚ (Webstas)) #232

Which DHT code are you using? i love that look

(Kurt Jones) #233

(Kurt Jones) #234

I made the changes to mimic what you have. Still not communicating. Could
the issue be with port 80? If so, how can I check to make sure its open?

(Steve ) #235

Possibly but I’ve just checked my router and I’ve not needed to forward the port for mine.
Have you double checked the hex key details are right

(Kurt Jones) #236

I used a hex key converter for my IP address.

(Steve ) #237

Just ran your IP through a convertor so it sound be c0a80109:0050 is that what you have in device ID?

(Kurt Jones) #238

Yes that is what I have

(Kurt Jones) #239

I think I saw someone say they got it working with my model too. xbr55x850d

(Steve ) #240

What about the settings on your tv have you double checked you’ve turned all the settings mentioned above?

(Kurt Jones) #241

I double checked and the TV settings are just as instructed.

(Steve ) #242

I’m not sure then :frowning:
Have you given your TV a static IP ?
Make sure it’s not changed address.

(Steve Bratt) #243

are you sure your PSK is sony? i thought they had to be numbers not letters