New sonoff zigbee

I don’t have that device but I would expect it to pick up the stock Zigbee Motion Detector as that has the device fingerprint in it. It doesn’t run locally because other devices supported in the DTH don’t report ‘inactive’ and the timer it uses for those wasn’t handled locally in the hub way back when. Whether that situation has changed and it could now be made local, I wouldn’t know.

Do you really need to delete the device, or do you just assume you have to? It is unusual not to be able to simply pair again.

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Thanks for the reply
I just kept the device next to hub for last 24hrs and still its offline.

This sensor has been running locally since it came out in September last year, you need to use the official Samsung Smartsence motion sensor dth.

I was using the Smartsense motion sensor dth with the sonoff snzb-03 and the device kept going offline. Since I switched it back to the zigbee motion detector it has stayed online but runs in the cloud. Any suggestions?

Wait one week, remove your custom DTH, reset and re-add the device. Official support is coming the evening on the 27th.

@Automated_House Did the snzb-03 get official support? Mine are still cloud based running the zigbee motion device DTH

that DTH is the officially supported DTH