New Smartthings Wifi as Zigbee and Zwave repeaters?

(Magnus Bergsson) #1

Can anyone confirm that the new ST Wifi satellite units act as Zigbee and Zwave extenders?

Reading conflicting information and would really appriciate if someone could confirm or deny this.

Havent seen anything from Samsung on this and to me this would be bigger selling argument than mesh wifi - there are certainly better options for pure mesh wifi.


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(Jimmy) #3

This article says they do

(Brad) #4

SmartThings Wifi should be on 22.51 firmware and includes the Zigbee/Z-Wave repeater feature for sub Hubs.


What if I have a existing Hub V2 as my main hub. Can i still add a new hub V3 to it as a zigbee zwave repeater?
And what about the app - i am still on the old app.

(Jimmy) #6

Can only have one hub. Other hubs do not act as repeaters. V3 and SmartThings WiFi have to be setup with the new app, but then can use both apps.

(Magnus Bergsson) #7

@Brad_ST, thank you for confirming that satelite hubs will act as repeaters. It will make big difference for us in Scandinavia as our houses are concrete and getting proper signal coverage is always a challenge. This will be a clean solution.

Any estimated date for a release of a Europe version?

P.S @JDRoberts, thank you for tagging Brad. You are always very helpful.

(Brad) #8

I am unsure about an estimated date for release. Releases are typically region specific so your region would likely be handled by Samsung Electronics Nordic.

(Max Tay) #9

Is it hard to migrate after adding the Hub to an account? Do I have to setup from scratch for all sensors, light bulbs and other smart devices?

(Jimmy) #10

Yes, setup from scratch. There is no migration tool.

(Magnus Bergsson) #11

Been buying all my HA stuff in the UK as they are quite a bit ahead of rest of Europe, so UK release would work fine. If you do hear rumors that you can share without getting fired then those would be appriciated :wink:

(Brad) #12

I still don’t have firm dates but a UK launch will likely be sooner than Scandinavia.