New SmartThings Schema Integration for Arlo

I experienced the same issue with Arlo, things have been working since 2019 stopped working on the 24th.

It does seem to be an Arlo issue though since my Alexa-Arlo connection is broken as well.

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Adding to what others are seeing, the battery % is not updating/reporting properly in SmartThings on my Arlo Pro cameras. They seem to have stopped reporting any battery changes and motion events around 12/24, as others have seen the issues start.

Live view still works in ST, but that’s it.

I’m seeing the exact same issue as Ken.

Not sure if anyone else is seeing this, but in addition one of my cameras is randomly disabling itself in the middle of the night. This seems to have started around the same time, seems like more of an Arlo issue but I thought I would mention it.

Has anybody submitted a help ticket to smart things?

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I just send an email to smartthings support on the issue. Not sure if this is the same thing as a ticket. I also checked the Arlo Camera Motion sensor using IFTTT and is working just fine. It will turn on lights in Smartthings using the Arlo motion. So the problem appears to be clearly with integration between Arlo and Smartthings.

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I just received an email from Smartthings support…

Thanks for writing into Samsung SmartThings Support!
I’m sorry to hear there has been some trouble, but I’d be happy to help.

This is an ongoing issue with callbacks provided by Arlo to SmartThings. We’re working with Arlo to make sure that the motion information is being sent to SmartThings.

Arlo devices stopped sending any data to SmartThings starting on 12/23.

We’re working with Arlo to make sure that the motion information is being sent to us.

While we work on this, you can also get in touch with Arlo and report this issue from your end.


So they admit that data stopped around the 23rd. I don’t use the motion on the Arlo cameras for any SmartThings triggers. However, I just tested it, and no motion is working in SmartThings from any Arlo devices for me either.

At least I can still control the On/Off state of the Arlo cameras from SmartThings at least.

The thing is, the SmartThings/Arlo integration has been slowly getting worst over time since the 6 hour periodic check has become more like every 24 hours now. To me, Arlo has been struggling since it’s breakup with Netgear. But then it could just be something like the Log4j vulnerability causing them some frustration. Hope they resolve it now and not wait for SmartThings Edge migration.



So when did the new integration break the original Arlo hd cameras. I used to be able to turn them on and off as well as record, but now it only applies to my Arlo pro cameras.

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I can’t speak to HD, but the recent change broke integration with my Arlo pro 2 cameras. I can no longer have Arlo motion trigger smartthings devices… Very frustrating.

Well… Back to the Drawing Board.

Just like years ago, the interface between AROL and SMARTTHINGS is BROKE.

It appears the 2-Way Communications between Arlo and ST, is only working one way.

On Testing… ST will turn ARLO Cameras ON and OFF, But…

When MOTION is detected by any ARLO Camera, one of 2 things is possible.

  1. ARLO is NOT sending a Motion Detection Message to Smartthings; or
  2. If ARLO is sending the Motion Detection Message to Smartthings, and Smartthings is not accepting it.

This can be confirmed with the Camera History within Smartthings, where NO indication of and Motion from ARLO is noted.

It was working get before the update.


just noticed this also. Thats a real shame. :frowning:

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I don’t know if this is 100% related, but I did notice that very recently 1 of my cameras started to randomly disable itself in the middle of the night (the most important one no less - my porch camera)

Extensive troubleshooting took me down the path of completely removing the Arlo integration inside of smart things for the fix. After completely removing the integration, the camera no longer randomly disables itself.

I tried removing motion detection rules one at a time, to no avail. But completely removing the integration fixed my issue of one camera randomly disabling itself.

It’s hard to believe the integration between these 2 services went south so quickly!

Same issue here, Doorbell pressed event not working. No motion detection event is working. I can use live view, and turn cameras on or off.

I say that we all ‘FLOOD’ Arlo’s SmartThings integration website with thumbs-down!

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I also have problems with not receiving any events from Doorbell button or motion.
So before i found this thread i removed my arlo linked service inside smartthings app, to try and see if it helped re-adding the service.

But now i cannot readd arlo or cammeras. After it has signed in and i click “ALLOW” in the webpage popup, i click “ok” in the top, and then it goes back to the initial “Add account” screen.

Anyone also experiencing this or knows if this is related to the problem where no information is sent from arlo to smartthings?

It has been 3 weeks since the Arlo integration has broken. An update has been posted on the Arlo forums. which suggests a fix is coming… No ETA yet

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Is there a work around ?
I really need to get my cameras to turn on the security lights again.

The Arlo page SmartThings integration failing (motion events) - Page 11 - Arlo Community suggests it has been resolved, but not resolved yet… I am not willing to recreate all teh automations yet.

Not fixed here. Just tested. I have an arlo camera in the garage. I have a routine in ST that when the camera detects motion, it turns the lights on, also have it tied into SHM. Just went out, jumped up and down in front of camera, it records in arlo as it should, but the lights never turn on.

My cameras now show movement in ST. There might be still some issue, but at least the movement info is passed to smartthings.

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