New Smartthings Hub - Whats the best I/O Solution?

Hi all,

I have my new Samsung SmartThings V2 hub and I am in the market for a suitable I/O unit.

I need a device that has 6 x Digital Input, 2 x Relay Out (at least) and works on either 12VDC or 24VDC.

I have been restricted by Z-Wave in the past as I used a Fibaro HCL Controller, but now Zigbee is also an option.

I was wondering what people are using as a generic I/O platform, and if its possible to code a Raspberry Pi to make it act as an I/O module on Zigbee? I know the Z-wave Board for Raspberry Pi (RaZberry) wants to act as a Controller / Hub as apposed to a Node / Device.

Help of any sort is appreciated.


Are you in the US or the UK?

If you’re in the US, smartthings makes a $35 zigbee “thing shield” which gives you a number of options. It basically lets you make an Arduino compatible with smartthings. See the following:


However, this device uses amplified zigbee which is not legal in the UK, and therefore not available there.

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