New SmartThings "hub" the Station

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I bought one of these new “smart things station” and it will notnwork and samsung is of NO HELP… i have tried to setup my new station and on every device inhave tried, on top of restarting every device, wifi router, logged out and back in to samsung account on every device multiple times and every time on everything it keeps going through whole setup than fails at the very end when it says “registering device to your samsung account”.
Samsung literallytold me they dont know whats wrong, but are CERTAIN that its not an issue with their product. Oh no, it couldnt be. But ive tried on 4 different devices and 3 different wifi networks and still… same thing… so now i have a device that isnuseless and noone isnhelping at all.


I new getting into ST. What Hub would you buy? What is the best alternative to z0wave? Thanks

At this point I would wait six months to a year to see where Matter goes in reality.

Depending on how it shakes out I might go with an Amazon Echo device or two for hubs and use Thread or ZigBee devices.

Apple users would probably make different choices.

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Sorry if this has been asked…
I just received my station today and have a whole bunch of zigbee devices on my old V2 hub… Is there an easy way to transfer them over to the hub?
Do I need to remove and restore them one by one?

unfortunately there isn’t an easy way. I would do the following for each sensor:

  1. reset it
  2. add to the smartthings station with “new” appended to the device name
  3. go to the old device and find the routines/scenes it is used it
  4. replace with the new sensor
  5. Delete the old device
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Were you ever able to resolve this?

You don’t have to apologize.
So there are options now to transfer an entire hub to a new one, factory resetting the old one.
I also was wandering if there will be a utility in the future.
Like the option to edit/change room, it would be great to be able transfer it to another Hub.
If you only have problems with some Zigbee devices, you tranfer them in that case to another hub. As the Smartthings Station can be placed anywhere (wifi), it would be a great help.

Make sure old and new hubs are online and you are in the same network as both hubs. In the app, go to the old hub and select the three dots. There should be a menu item to transfer old to new hubs. Make sure the old hub has version 50 or higher.

just wanted to add:

  • both hubs need to support Hub Replace and be in the same Location in the app.
  • in cases of a dead hub… it would not be online but the Hub Replace would use the last backup of it for the replace operation. Replacing an offline hub is “best effort” and may miss some changes that occurred between the most recent backup and when the hub went offline, so it is recommend performing a replace when the source hub is still online if possible.

I was not clear again, sorry.
I want to transfer devices one by one.
On “Edit device” you can change location and room.
I would like to see also the option to chance hub. So I can group certain devices on a single hub.
Transfering all devices from one hub to another seems quite drastic. I would only do that when a hub is broken.
Still nice this option exists.

No such capability exists, at least so far.

I know. But woud be nice.

Most definitely.

Is there a way to get the button on the station to execute routines locally? I noticed that pressing the button without an internet connection won’t trigger my routine

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Is your Routine marked as eligible to run locally? Can you post a screenshot of your Routine?

My SmartThings Station button press routine is NOT marked as local even though it involves a ZigBee switch paired to the station.


No it is not.

Here’s the requested ss. Lmk if you need something more specific:

It is just a basic toggle switch for the lighting group of my staircase

As noted by @Paul_Oliver, he also has a button press Routine that is not marked as local. That suggests that the button press operation is not handled locally, hence, not working when the Internet is down. I’ll add it to my list of things that force Routines into the cloud.


When you create a routine for that button by clicking on the Station icon and picking routines in bottom right and create a routine, it puts it at the top of your routines list and then moves all of your other routines around in a random order. Ugh, I spent a lot of time arranging them so they could easily be found and now there all over the place! I wont make that mistake again.

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