New SmartThings "hub" the Station

I have seen it on my Galaxy S22 plus.

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if you tap the banner does it take you to a store to purchase or what?

It takes you to explore page

In the latest iOS app update, there’s a notice on the new Station, and it has a restriction on Zigbee devices I haven’t seen before - it only supports Zigbee devices certified by SmartThings! I hope this restriction doesn’t make its way to the existing hubs!

*3. Supports Matter and Zigbee devices

SmartThings Station supports Matter and Zigbee devices. The SmartThings app allows you to easily control and use a variety of Matter and Zigbee devices anywhere, anytime.

  • For Zigbee devices, they must be certified by SmartThings.
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Maybe there will be no way for users to add custom Edge Drivers to the Stations.

Or maybe they are just saying don’t call support if some cheap unsupported AliExpress device doesn’t work properly. This is already true with the existing hubs.


I’m hearing rumours that this is true. It’s not going to have the same functionality as other hub models.

I still think it’s intended as a thread border router for Bixby, but that’s just my own guess.

Im still hopefull for a new super ST hub to replace the 2016 v2

Never happen but forever hopeful


I don’t have a huge problem with the idea of it only supporting stock drivers. It does seem to be referred to casually as the ‘Matter hub’ so that may be its main thrust.

We never seem to hear much about the details of the hubs in the TVs and appliances. Do we know much about how they support Edge drivers?

It all helps provide an extra selling point for the Aeotec hub.

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Which is almost useless. It’s frustrating and like pulling nails to try and figure out how to buy this thing.
Samsung, how about a release page with dates and pricing like you do with your new phones and tablets? Pre-order page, anything.

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Buy here

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Wow, that’s 25% higher than the pre-release announcements implied. I had expected it to be priced between the echo dot And the IKEA Dirigera, but this is higher than both. :thinking:

It aligns with the pre-release announcement:
$80 with a 25W USB-C power supply
$60 without


Thanks, that clears that up.

Here’s the link for the cheaper base model.

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Not nearly as bad as the CNET article about SmartThings iOS support, but still hard to read. Stacey on IoT and JP Tuohy at the Verge seem to be doing the best job covering Matter.

“Groovy” Music!!!

Kinda funny they used a UK outlet in that video when its only for sale in South Korea and USA :joy:


So the fine print says you have to have a hub that supports matter in order to use matter devices with smartthings.

That’s understandable, but I don’t think I’ve seen it written down before.

The good news is that should mean that connections to Wi-Fi matter devices can run locally.

The station does look like a good product for Samsung. For $60 you add it to your account and you can then add matter devices. No custom code required. Sure, it’s not what most power users are looking for, but it is what a lot of people are looking for.


It’s not surprising that they are not doing a software only Matter controller (like say the ST app) since you need a platform to handle events and manage devices whether you are home or not.

Custom code no, but still need drivers for whatever device types are added into the Matter. And hopefully, they will fully support all the capabilities of the devices, unlike in existing and previous drivers.

It’s unlikely they will support all the capabilities of the devices, since it’s already been made clear that the matter standard itself is not going to. It’s really most similar to the “basic” command set in Zwave. You’re going to get on/off/dim/RGBW color control for lights, but you won’t get panic settings or child locks, or maybe even changeable ramp rates. Those will still be features that come only in the manufacturer’s app, or in custom integrations.

Samsung has already committed to doing a stock edge Driver for all the standard matter device classes, so I think we will see that without custom code.

But there will be a number of advanced features that devices may choose to offer that won’t be available through third-party apps, including smartthings.