New SmartThings "hub" the Station

Here in Brazil, this hub The Station would be very successful for $60, maybe even $100.
An Aeotec SmartThings hub costs no less than $260 :frowning:

All my smart switches are Z-Wave, and I’ve been very pleased with them. Whenever my current SmartThings hub stops working, I guess I’ll have to switch platforms (maybe Hubitat or Home Assistant is in my future). It’s a shame, I chose Samsung partly due their commitment to Matter.

And who needs their hub to be a phone charger, anyway? Mine is “out of sight, out of mind”. If I left my phone on it, I’d NEVER find it.


Maybe you will have the choice to create a new location or extend the existing one.
Well that in my dream !!!
Possible if it as wireless charging in it and you put 3 in your house it don’t make sense to have 3 location

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Your current hub isnt going to stop working at any time in the foreseeable future just because Samsung has introduced a new hub…this just gives a new choice.

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The aeotec hub that works with ST supports z-wave and it is available should your current hub die (doubtful).

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Have there been any specs released? I’ve hit memory issues on a v3 hub and I assume these will support edge drivers for zigbee.

I’d also like to understand having multiple of these in your house. Is there a master? Does it split the processing load?

I’ve never seen mention of the firmware versions on anything but the v2/v3/Aeotec and WiFi hubs and certainly never seen mention of updates.

I can’t see how they could support ZigBee without Edge drivers, but equally I can’t see how they can usefully run Edge drivers without closely tracking the latest developments.

Recently community developers have been asking how it is intended they handle the situation where different hubs have different software levels. I don’t know if there has been any answer yet.

I can’t see how it can be any different to using multiple existing hubs. They operate independently and any interaction between them happens in the cloud. So you plan which devices you pair to each hub according to your needs.


Seems ST are ready to roll when it hits the shelves

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Because of lack of a back up option within ST. If my hub suddenly died, which can happen at any point. I’d likely my move to home assistant or Hubitat as I’d have to start from scratch anyways. If ST gave us the ability to back up our system I’d happily purchase another ST hub. Still can’t wrap my head around why they don’t have this option.

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With the “hub everywhere” approach they hope to sell you more than one of these devices (which quickly makes them undesirable from my economic standpoint).

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Interesting. So if you have a simple Rules API automation with two local devices, but they are on different hubs, it’s forced to the cloud? I guess that means there is no hub-to-hub communication over the LAN.

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And out of the window goes the benefit of local automations that edge drivers are all about… As if it wasn’t already bad enough that the Smartthings app cannot communicate with the hub when the internet is down. Why is there no LAN connectivity to the hub? Other manufacturers can do this better for less (e.g. all my Tuya gear can be controlled locally when the internet is down).


Presumably, if these operate Matter/Thread then hub intercommunication will be local?

I doubt it. A Matter “controller” doesn’t have to be a Matter “device,” and most of them aren’t.

For example, you won’t be able to use a nest home smart speaker to control an Amazon echo speaker, even though both are matter controllers.

And although both will communicate locally with the same thread smart plug, there will be no local communication between the two controllers.

So I don’t expect there to be much intercommunication at all between Matter controllers, and if there is any, it will probably be cloud to cloud. But it may well vary by specific model.


Banner at the top of the app today. I don’t think that was there yesterday.

Yeah, the more I see this, the more I think this is intended as the thread border router for people with galaxy phones. :thinking:

So…is the phone that the banner appeared on a galaxy?

That banner showed up on my Pixel 6a yesterday.

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Interesting, thanks!

Pixel here too.

Interestingly enough I have not seen that banner on my galaxy phone.