New SmartThings Alexa skill (2020)

I just realized I have a device with 3 child switches that aren’t showing the child switches in Alexa. I have two others that also have child swtiches that do show in Alexa. All of them have states for switch capability. The only difference I can tell is the two that work use standard DTH child metering switch and the switch states are on the displayed list in the events log. The 3 that don’t work use standard DTH child switch and the switch states are not on the displayed events list, only the all events list.

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Really appreciate the time you took with me on this. Worked beautifully.

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PM:ed you about this

Hi @Lars, I have noticed you PM’d a few people with the same issue as myself, i.e. child devices are not showing in the new Alexa Skill. Is there a solution or work around for this? Thanks in advance.

I had very similar issues with devices no longer turning on and off via Alexa since changing to the new skill. I decided to delete all devices, disable the skill and start again with discovery.

Everything working fine now… obviously. :stuck_out_tongue:

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After talking to people about this I have identified the issue. However, I cannot yet give a date to when this will be fixed.


For better or worse, the new skill automatically picks up new scenes within seconds of creation.

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Be nice if it just picked up among the devices that worked before :wink:

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In case you are using Google too, the corresponding changes are now live for Google as well.

I’ve read the subsequent posts/replies and I don’t see that anyone else has addressed the question of excluding individual devices from the ST-Alexa link? Is this not possible in the new skill?

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It’s been mentioned. You can no longer do it in the smartthings app. Instead, you have to allow the devices to be added to Alexa, then go into the Alexa app and individually disable each one you don’t want to use with Alexa.

It’s tedious, and there is the window when they are added before you get them disabled, and they will continue to be visible in the Alexa app. But you can remove the voice functionality if you want.

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Got it. Every time I discover new devices on Alexa, though, will it add those back, or can I permanently block them using the Alexa web portal?

If you delete them from the Alexa app, they will get added back next time.

If you disable them in the Alexa app, then voice control won’t work but they will remain visible on the Alexa list of devices.


So it depends what you are trying to accomplish.


and most importantly, they will remain disabled when discovering devices again.


What hasn’t been answered thus far is if there are any plans to re-introduce the ability to select what you add to the skill to avoid the above (hugely time-consuming) process, that messes up your Alexa app with duplicates everywhere, some active, some disabled with no way of knowing unless you re-name everyone of them or click on the device. Surely this would make for a much better user-experience if implemented and save everyone a ton of hassle?


All true, but no official response yet although multiple customers have made the same point. :face_with_monocle:

Among other things, as I mentioned, not everyone wants all of their devices to be exposed through the Alexa app device list, not just because they don’t want them voice activated, but perhaps for security reasons. Just sayin’…


I can’t even imagine how difficult this must be for many. I am a 300 device user (max) and only need Alexa control for 1/8 of my devices. The naming is already a mess. To have to contend with 300 devices screwing up my voice control would be disastrous. :rage:


Now imagine you have to make the changes by listening to the list of devices. :scream:


This. Exactly this.

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Me no like.:man_facepalming:t5: