New SmartThings Alexa skill (2020)

There is a workaround to getting these things working in the UK. Paul Hibbert did a video on it.

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Thanks Tim. I’ll take another look, but last I read on a VPN location work-around was that it impacted other integrations, news content, weather etc as well as some having issues with ordering from Amazon when they did it, so it felt like more trouble than it was worth…


Good news: the introduction of custom commands means you can now connect / disconnect BT speakers with an Alexa routine!

Bad news: since the custom command has to be the last thing in a sequence, if your routine involves playing music, the music command needs to finish before the custom command will execute - e.g. the Echo waits until the song / playlist is over then connects to the speaker. :man_facepalming:


Seems there are some limits/exceptions.
I wanted to use a skill “Open Thunderstorm sounds” and then use a custom command to “Set sleep timer for 2 hours”.
Apparently skills and custom commands have to be last so effectively they are mutually exclusive.
Whichever one I enter first causes the other to be grayed out for the next command…

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Can you combine the 2 in one statement?
“Open Thunderstorm sounds and set sleep timer for 2 hours"

If you’re using ST to trigger this, e.g. turn on “Bedtime switch” (virtual Alexa switch), you could set a 2 hr power allowance in Smart Lighting and create a second Alexa routine to stop audio when that contact closes. Clunky but works…

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Thanks -
That’s exactly what I have been doing for several months. I also have a one hour Alexa switch - they turn each other off to avoid conficts…
I use an Alexa voice command and/or EcoSmart 4 button remote to turn on the switch.

I have been hoping they would implement a way to set a sleep timer in a routine to simplify the process.


I can’t seem to get the “detects no motion” to work. My Ring Doorbell doesn’t seem to be triggering no motion. The detects motion works and displays the live video.

Does your no motion work? If yes, did you have to do anything special to get it to work?


seems to work fine :man_shrugging:

Twice this week I’ve had about 20 smartthings devices show up as “Device is unresponsive” in Alexa. Mostly iHome outlets and Bond devices. First time it happened I deleted the devices, rediscovered, re-added to groups and routines and it seemed to fix the problem. Wastes about 1/2 hour to get everything straightened out. Now it’s happened again … getting tired of the constant turmoil with the smartthings skill. I noticed that the skill was last updated yesterday, it seems like the developers push code into production in order to test their changes??? Who else is experiencing this?

Probably everyone…


It started today here in Denver.

Says resolved but Alexa still not talking to smartthings in the UK right now.

Well I would normally say open a ticket but since you’re UK, we all know how responsive the UK support desk is(not)… Sooo.

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