New SmartThings Alexa skill (2020)

Thank you Lars, do you have any information on getting Alexa to turn on the TV? She’s currently responds to the command and says “ok” yet the TV does not turn on. She has once on. Fluke, I was very surprised but it’s only happened once.

In regards to launching apps not being a SmartThings skill, The TV has launched apps by using the specific phrase “Alexa play Netflix on Samsung TV” as well as prime video. But it was only a few times.

Also when we are using an app such as Netflix, is she supposed to be able to pause or resume the show or search for a show once we have the app open?

For years I have used this little device to control all my smart TV’s. It is one amazing piece of kit. Just say " Alexa, turn TV on", mute, change channel, raise/lower volume, and on and on.

ah, I forgot the newer models have Alexa built in. I’m stuck with Bixby :frowning:

@Brandon3 do you have your TV connected via Ethernet or Wifi?

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We are connected via Wi-Fi, it’s a stable connection, and we made sure to check that. It’s a great TV, however the Alexa app is a huge deal to us and we want to be able to utilize voice commands for opening applications, turning on the TV, and in application use. As I mentioned, she has opened Netflix and Amazon prime using specific language, so I think this TV is capable of doing it, I just don’t know if there’s a SmartThings issue or not.

This whole migration from old (better) and new (terrible) is just a nightmare to me. This platform became worse and worse overtime as they migrate. I lost TV control at some point. Hey I have only 3 year old Samsung Flagship QLED 4K TV. It used to work but not anymore. Now I have duplicated Hue bulbs and Scenes that I cannot remove. There are 50+ of them and I’m tired to disable them one-by-one. I’m done! I clearly need a different migration, moving things over to Hubitat. I’ll have to rewrite some of my custom drivers, but for now I can use Hubitat HubConnect to see all the SmartThings devices. I then deleted the SmartThings skill completely from Alexa. Hubitat’s Alexa skill allows me to exclude which device is visible to Alexa, including those still connected to SmartThings. Ironically, the SmartThings is now the stupidest part of my smart home. I’m sure it will get worse, it’s always the case for the software products from Samsung. By the time it becomes completely useless, I’ll have everything migrated over to Hubitat. The StupidThings hub will RIP and I have one less thing to worry. Sigh…we once had a good time…

You clearly have something screwed up.

  1. Goto the Classic App and make sure that the Alexa App is uninstalled.

  2. Goto the New App and uninstall the Alexa App.

  3. Goto IDE and makes the Alexa App is not there.

  4. Goto and remove all devices. (there is a bulk remove option)

  5. Make a sandwich and chill for about 30 minutes.

  6. Go back to step 4 and make sure no devices are being repopulated…

  7. Install the Alexa App in the New App

  8. Go back to step 4 and make sure there are no duplicates.

  9. If duplicates exist, then use a different naming method for things brought in by ST and others that are direct integrations.

  10. Goto the Alexa App then Settings then TV and Video and link your TV to an Alexa device.

For my TV, the skill was Vizio Smart Cast.

Good luck!

Sorry to hear that you are having trouble after the migration, regardless if you if switch to hubitat, would you mind PM:ing me or posting here about what TV issues you are seeing?

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My automated scene isn’t firing for some reason. It’s trigger is firing. This worked flawlessly for years before the migration.

When I return home and unlock my z-wave lock, the I’m home routine is supposed to run. I have a smart lighting automation that turns on a virtual switch of “I’m home” and an new ST automation of when the in I’m home switch is turned on, trigger the I’m home scene. I even have this scene being run in the smart lighting routine.

When I unlock the door, the I’m home switch gets flipped on (I can also see it in the history) but the I’m home scene doesn’t run.

I can get it to work if I do it a short time after the system being armed. It’s only when I’ve been gone for a while that it seems to not work.

Very frustrating. All routines have been rebuilt from the ground up in the new app.

Just thought of something - How many items can be a routine? I’m breaking I’m home into smaller routines to check. I don’t see how this would matter as I can manually run the routine and it works fine, but who knows at this point

Thank you @rontalley for trying to help. My duplicate problem is with your No. 9. I have Hue directly integrated with Alexa but all of them got recreated by ST. I decided not to bother rename/disable 50+ of them one by one so I did your step 1-6 to completely get rid of ST from Alexa. I’m good now with Hubitat’s HubConnect, everything is working again and I’m slowly moving devices and smart apps over to Hubitat.

My TV is Samsung QN65Q7F 65" QLED 4K (sorry OLED in my previous post was a typo). Yeah, I know Vizo has directly Alexa integration. Samsung won’t let me turn on their TV from Alexa.

Thanks @Lars. My TV is Samsung QN65Q7F, I can neither turn in on from ST, nor Alexa.

If your TV is connected via ethernet, connect it through wifi instead and try if On works.

I have tried both WiFi and ethernet. No luck. When the TV is off, it says offline.

I can report that I have the EXACT same model integrated and working perfectly with ST. I recommend a delete/add.

Now, if I could get the ST app WORKING on said TV, that would be a great next step ha.

I’m late to this whole Alexa debacle and would prefer not to read all 900+ posts. Is this the process to switch to the new ST app, and then re-engage Alexa? I’m still running the old V1 Hub and ST Classic app, and I don’t want to break my basic ST setup…to me, Alexa is just a bonus that I use occasionally (but my kids use it alot…but not anymore, obviously).

Doesn’t really matter if you have classic app. But you have to relink Alexa from Alexa app if you haven’t in the past month or so.

@Lars What’s the latest on returning this integration to its former capability of being able to select devices rather than all or nothing?


Would also like to know this…

Would you mind to clarify what exactly you mean by working? Can you turn on the TV from ST without other helps like Harmony Remote?

Yes, turn on/off, set volume (A, set volume to 40), etc.

@Kevin_Reene, I deleted the TV and then added back (new app automatically detected the TV when I turned it back on) but still the same problem. The moment I turn off the TV, it becomes offline and I cannot turn it back on using ST. Here is the exact TV model and software version. How does yours like look like?

Model: QN65Q7FAM
Software Version: T-KTMAKUC-1280.5, BT - S
Sub-micom Version: T-KTMOCTV-1113T-KTMOCJP-1113

BTW, I have another Samsung TV having exactly same issue:
Model: UN40MU6290
Software Version: T-KTMAKUC-1280.5
Sub-micom Version: T-KTMINTV-1012