New SmartThings Alexa skill (2020)

Yeah I tried that approach. I see the scenes coming across into SmartThings, but they’re showing up as offline and I’m not able to interact with them at all.

Once you get the scenes to show as off-line, that’s because they are not being initiated in a way that the smartthings app recognizes. However, You should still be able to use them via webcore or sharptools. I know that’s a long way around and may not be something you’re interested in doing, but it is an option that some community members are using.

And as far as Alexa, you should be able to get to them through the smart life skill.

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Yup, the problem that spawned this little wild goose chase is the Alexa routines that are triggered off of motion NOT detected for X minutes are never firing unfortunately. :frowning:

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Might be easier to replace the motion sensor. My smartthings sensor is being detected by Alexa.

Oh the sensor is being detected fine, and I can see it updating on the Alexa app when I walk by it.

It’s just the Alexa routines are not being triggered when the “no motion in X minutes” time elapses.

The only other freeish solution I can think of would be to flash custom firmware onto the switches. The problem there is that apparently these are a pain to take apart and soldering/desoldering is involved. As for the firmware, Tasmota might work, but I really have no experience with it and can’t say for sure.

Link to discussion on flashing:
Tasmota integration with SmartThings:

If you are willing to spend a little money, I’m fond of TP-Link’s Kasa switches. They are now compatible with SmartThings and have been working great for me.

Funny thing is, all my regular switches are TP-Link/Kasa and they work great. It’s the dimmer switches and smart plugs that I found for super cheap at Costco that are CE Smart that are difficult.

As an update, I completely scorched earth my Alexa routines and re-built they from scratch and knocks on wood both motion sensed and no motion sensed routines are being triggered now.


Last night the Classic SmartThings skill finally stopped working and I had to move to this new skill. I can finally feel firsthand the pain of having to disable on the Alexa side the 120 devices I don’t want Alexa to have access to in the first place :frowning: .


That is really weird.

Welcome to our hell :laughing: have fun disabling all the duplicates.

Yeah, that’s why I suggested it. Sometimes migrations get wonky so it’s best to start from scratch.


hate to say this but with so many vendors out there and now amazon eero pro 6 will come out with a wifi + zigbee hub, I don’t see how ST will stick around much longer in my house. most of my pain point now is with ST app and it’s only because of the hub, now that I have multiple smart home gadgets from different vendors now that supports Alexa… so once eero pro 6 ships and it’s proven that it can replace ST, I am out of this eco system, because for the past 2 years, it’s nothing but troubleshooting when ST makes a move without thinking about their customers first.

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It has essentially the same zigbee hub in it that the echo show 10 and echo plus have. The Zigbee part runs fine, but there’s no Z wave support, and the rules you can set up are much less complex, just what you can do with an Alexa routine. (One really obvious limitation: you can’t set up a virtual three-way for lights, because there’s no way to have one light come on because another light came on.)

So it’s definitely a competitor to smartthings, but it’s not a replacement feature for feature. It just comes down to what you need.


you are right, i still need the z-wave support…


See the Other Hubs section of the forum.

Hubs that support both Zwave and Zigbee exist, for example:

  1. Hubitat. Most similar to ST. Tiny company.

  2. Abode. Great video integration plus HomeKit support. Doesn’t support the level of complexity that ST and Hubitat do.

  3. Vera. Some hub models support Zigbee HA 1.2, I don’t think any support Zigbee 3.0 yet. You can write your own code and get a lot of complexity.

  4. Zipato zipabox. You need strong technical skills for this, but you can add all kinds of radios to it, including Zigbee, Z wave, and enocean.

  5. Blue by ADT (called LifeShield until ADT bought them about two years ago). This is the direction ADT decided to go for their DIY product instead of the dual logo smartthings/ADT system. Security focused, it has Zigbee, zwave, and a proprietary frequency. But rule logic depends on IFTTT And it’s limited in the devices it can work with.

  6. Toshiba Symbio. Introduced in 2017 with zigbee, Z wave, and Alexa built-in, but they crippled it by limiting the number of rules you could have and it just never took off. You still see it sold some places, but support has been discontinued and the app no longer works. just including it so you know not to buy it. :wink:

Anyway, we should take any further discussion about any of this to the other hubs section, but I just wanted to say these do exist now.


Loss of smartthings would mean dumbing down your smart home.

Not necessarily. Hubitat, Vera, or Zipato can all support rules of equal complexity to SmartThings. Each, like smartthings itself, has pluses and minuses, so each person has to choose for themselves what the best match is to their own needs and preferences, or even if they want to run more than one.

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My turn again…

My “I’m home scene” fires inconsistently since the update and migration.

The scenario - if my location is away and my virtual “away delay” switch is off, when my z-wave Yale lock is unlocked then the “I’m home” scene is triggered.

When I say “goodbye” the goodbye scene is triggered which includes an “away delay” virtual switch that stays on for 15 minutes. This is to prevent everything from turning on if we forgot something and reenter the house.

I rebuilt this under the new app.

It won’t fire if I’ve been away for a while. It will fire if I say goodbye, physically turn off the away delay in the app, and unlock the door.

It almost seems as if the device monitor is sleeping after a certain time of inactivity.

I can fire the scene manually so I know it’s good.

I’m about to start troubleshooting it, just checking if there is anything known about this.


I don’t know if I’m understanding the logic for the automations.

For location… Is it as a location changes or the state before an input?

I want it to run the I’m home routine, but only if the location is away and the away delay switch is off.

Now when I add location as a condition or precondition, any scenes that set location are unavailable… This is getting ugly.

Ok… So if your scene sets a location, it cannot be triggered I. an automation that is triggered off of location. The location change has to be set in the automation itself. This has to be broken logic in the automation app or o am completely misunderstanding how to use this.

I’m home, and I leave so I run the goodbye routine which in the routine sets the location to away.

When I arrive home and unlock the door, I want it to run the I’m home routine, but only if the preconditions of location state = away and the away delay switch = off.

Got tired of messing with it.

I created virtual switch called I’m home trigger. I used the smartlight smartapp to automatically turn on the switch when the front door unlocks but only if the location is away and the away delay switch is off. This also can trigger the I’m home routine.

My goodbye routine turns the I’m home trigger off and sets the location to away.

In the smartthings automations when the I’m home trigger switch is turned on, it executes the I’m home routine. Edit - I’ve removed this as the smartlight app can trigger scenes too

This works flawlessly. Now to add in all the other activities back in the routines… Yay. :unamused:

Another thing I just remembered - Alexa won’t execute a skill that has a lock action in it. I was fighting with it not importing my goodbye routine and remembered. I removed the kitchen door lock from the scene and it was automatically discovered in Alexa.

The old behavior was it would import it but Alexa would give you an error explaining why it couldn’t run it. Apparently it won’t import at all now and no message as to why.

Since TP-link link kasa is now in ST I added the stuff to my routines. Apparently it’s too many devices as when I deleted some and shifted the responsibility to Alexa, my routines started working better.

Talk about frustrating. I did get a message in ST when trying to run it, but the error just said “not all devices were able to be controlled” nice specificity there…

I probably am not asking this in the right place, but I can’t find a way to post a new problem.

Ever since the new smartthings app came out my alexa routines that use smartthings contact sensors triggers twice. For example, when the front door is opened, smartthings tigers alexa routine to simply announce “Front Door Open”. Alexa plays this twice. I have deleted and reinstalled virtually everything related to this. I was thinking that the old smartthings had been triggering this routine before the new smartthings app, and thought possibly both the old and new were triggering alexa routines. so, I waited until Smartthings eliminated the old app. The problem remains. I bought a Sonos speaker to handle voice stuff as Alexa voice routines were just broken by Smartthings not working well with it. But the wife does not like it, and there is only one speaker. I have echo devices all over the house and can select which ones announce what.

Any help on this? I have tried creating new routines that do same type of things, and all announce twice.