New smartapps not showing

I created an device handler (using RBoy code) and it’s not showing in my apps in clasic. I’ve successfully added apps and device handlers but this one wont go through (mondoprice window door sensor). There is one other one that wont even copy to by code page.

a device handler is not a smart app so it will not appear in the ST classic app.

The keypad device handler did

In the add smartapp, my apps

You should contact support on the @RBoy site @

They will be able to assist you with their products :slight_smile:

But any code you install in the My Device Handlers section in IDE will not appear as a smart app.

Code you install in the My Smart Apps section in IDE will appear as a smart app.

This is generally a copy/paste issue. Make sure you are selecting the entire block of code then copy/paste it.