New Smartapps available on the SmartThings Platform

The feature will be available for all Galaxy S, Note, and Z smartphones that were released from 2018 onwards and run Android 9 and above. More devices will be supported under the program in the future, Samsung said.

2018!!! Android 9!!!

3 years old phones to be upcycled? S9 and above if I calculate correctly.

A Samsung Galaxy S9 worth about 100-150 USD/EUR at least when I search ebay. How many sensor you can get for that money?

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Ugh. After more 3/4 years in a drawer, I just threw away an old samsung phone during some spring cleaning

I use an S8 as my current phone. It’s pushing 3 years old since I bought it new. It was already a year old when I bought it, sitting on the store shelf. Disappointed that mine didn’t make the cut. I’ll be in the market for a new phone soon. Samsung Galaxy is moving down on my list of potential phones. The lack of ongoing support (updates, security patches) is frustrating especially when it costs more than mid-to-high range computers new.


Not many General purpose audio sensors that work out of the box with SmartThings as an automation trigger unless you count Amazon Echo’s Guard feature, Which is tricky to use with smartthings.

This is a device class that is frequently requested but just doesn’t really exist. Except by hacking an android phone. So having one that “just works“ is, I think, a very positive step. Even at €150.

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I don’t know why, but (to be honest) I have got serious privacy concerns regarding this feature.
I doubt that, the algorithm to identify these noises has been pushed to the phone and that’s why it requires a flagship phone with its highly capable processor.

How exactly can i search this Upcycle addon? Currently I’m on another country where is not available yet… Maybe Ill need to Google it :frowning:

Only available if you have Smartthings Labs available in the Smartthings app

I have the Labs option enabled. But when trying to get from Galaxy store an error pop up appears saying “it’s not compatible with your phone”

I’m trying on both unused s8+ and with my s20+; same error on both of them… I’m thinking maybe it’s a country not a phone restriction

And once again we see the garbage results of what ST has been working on…some BS that less than 10% of the user base would use instead of fixing and improving on the the real issues we ALL have.


TV Text Input and TV Quick Control smartapps have been added: