New smart app to link the virtual/simulated garage door device with two actual devices

Just configured this app last night and noticed that when you send the close command, the status changes to closed right away. It doesn’t seem to actually look at the garage door sensors status before it changes to open/closed.

I’m new to ST and garage door control is one of the main reasons I purchased this system. Thank you for sharing with us.

no problem enjoy

Hey Larry! I just wanted to say that I’ve been testing this for the past 20 minutes (while reading through this whole thread) and it works perfectly. (I was also wondering about the “open” and “closed” states being reported immediately but like you said–that is a limitation of the system.)

Thank you so much for creating this and for the instructions!

I was getting frustrated with the virtual garage device type and it automatically going to closed state after closing without a sensor contact. Larry’s app then would go back and check the status to try to make up for this. This solution just seemed like it was one too many devices and not exactly right.
I liked the other idea of using the smartsense garage with button device type but it had issues of not working with routines. I ended up reworking the new smartsense multisensor device to include a button. I used some of Larry’s ideas to have it work with Alexa with on/off commands. I am not sure how this can work for those using other garage door sensors other than the smartsense, but maybe someone can take what i did and modify some other devices to work for other sensors. I am not a programmer so dont really know what i was doing but it all seems to work. Feel free to comment on my work or ideas. I posted this at the other garage door sensor thread so i will just link to that as it gives credit for others ideas over there. Thank you Larry for your work on this, i hope you appreciate the direction i took.

Hi Larry, This works great!!! I only have one issue. Now that I have a camera hooked up, I have started using the security modes (ARMED (AWAY)) when I leave the house. Unfortunately, the mode (ARMED (AWAY)) is active, before the garage is closed. Hence, I get an intrusion alarm each time. Do you have any idea how I can put in a delay for the mode to change? Thanks!!!

Use smart alarm instead

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I am having an issue where on some occasions the garage door closes and then opens again or vice-versa

Check your timeout settings

Where can the timeout setting be adjusted?

Settings in the smartapp How did u get it working without going through the settings.

Mine is at 15, what should I set it to?

If it is opening again before being closed either your sensor is not
working correctly. 15 seconds should be enough foe it to read closed. Check
your sensor

Mine is at 15, what should I set it to?

I would love to use your app. I am using a zwn-rsm2 dual relay to control my garage doors.
I can’t see to get it to work
What I have done
I mapped the each relay to a virtual switch.
I made two virtual garage door control

Physical garage open I choose the virtual switch since I can’t use the physical device because it’s multichannel device.
Second setting choose smarthings sensor
Third was the simulated garage door
Fourth was smarthings sensor

If I hit the simulated garage door opener it never activates the virtual switch
What options do I have?

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Bump any help would be appreciated

Not going to work in your case . Only setup to work with one switch to open.close. the last two settings have to be the same virtual garage. Door. You should be able to use it to either open or close but not both.

Thanks @turbozmr2 for your explanation!!! I got everything else working and just couldn’t figure out how to change the 6 sec delay until reading your post!!!

Thanks @Lgkahn!!!

Very new to Smartthings and was able to get all of this working in a short period of time…only hangup was the enhancement for changing the delay from 6 to 1 second, but finally understood what you were saying when turbozmr2 re-stated the procedure.

I appreciate your time and willingness to help out those just coming into the Smartthings world!


H @Lgkahn, I am using your code for my smart-things with a raspberry pi controlling open and close of my garage door. Occasionally and randomly my garage door will open by itself automatically without anyone pushing the button or smart-things opening it for any reason. In the log all I see if this…. Any thoughts on what could be happening?

LGK Virtual Garage Door sent open command to Garage Door Opener

Has any one tried to use a wemo maker for the relay