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NEW Ring Doorbell Products - FREE SHIPPING

(Dave Gonz) #1

I have several Ring Doorbell Products for sale, NIB… FREE SHIPPING

Ring Doorbell Pro: Retails $249.99 … Selling for: $195

Ring - Stick Up Cam Outdoor HD Wire-Free Security Cam: Retails $199.99 … Selling for $155

Ring - Chime Pro Wi-Fi Extender & Indoor Chime: Retails $49.99 … Selling for $39

All new never opened, I have several available, let me know if anyone is interested.

I accept PayPal for buyer protection.


Ring Video Pro 179.99 (199.99 -10% coupon)

I may consider the doorbell and chime. Do you accept PayPal?

(Dave Gonz) #3

Yes I accept PayPal and prices include standard USPS shipping


Thanks, I’ll PM you shortly.


BTW, good timing on this topic! I use to have one of these, but I ended up returning it. I’m wanting to try again, and this time use the chime pro as well.

(Diego Yong) #6

Hi @Davey4davey,

I sent you a PM. Please let me know if you got it.

(Robin) #7

Several available?

Knock down prices?

Which lorry did they fall off?

(James Riddle) #8

I’m interested in a Doorbell Pro if you still have one available.

(Dave Gonz) #9

I’m shipping items today, those that PM me, I sent you my PayPal


(Matt) #11

Pm sent. Interested in Pro

(Dave Gonz) #12

First batch of offers shipped, check your PM for tracking numbers

(Dave Gonz) #13

Hi, checked my PM I didn’t get one from you, please resend PM

I still many more, just ask

(Matt) #14

Paid Sunday, Monday was a holiday and got it in the mail today! Already installed and working!

(Alan Sbar) #15

Arrived Priority Mail, pretty immediate shipping considering holiday weekend. Box in new/sealed condition. Haven’t had a chance to install yet, but that’s on my end. Good experience.

(John) #16

Do you still have a Ring Pro and Stick up cam available?

(Dave Gonz) #17

Yes I do, PM for PayPal info

(John) #18

Please provide PayPal info. Not sure how to PM.


Private Message. Click on the user’s name/icon, then click on this:

(John) #20

Thanks for your help.

(John) #21

Apparantly I won’t be able to PM until my user level increases as I am new to the community. Any other ideas?