(NEW RELEASE) Version 5 of the Edge Beta Driver: Zigbee Switch Mc

Hi @Mariano_Colmenarejo (and @kortex , you might be able to help too)
I also have a FeiBit switch, but I have the 4 gang:

  • id: “FeiBit/FB56-ZSW1JKJ2.7”
    deviceLabel: FeiBit 4 Switch
    manufacturer: Feibit Inc co.
    model: FB56+ZSW1JKJ2.7

I have subscribed to the channel and installed Zigbee Multi Switch and Child Mc.

I can’t seem to get the switch to work - it will connect to my smartthings hub, but the device page is unresponsive, and doesn’t show “driver” in the settings menu - no change from before I installed the driver.
I have deleted, reset and re-added the switch to smartthings but to no avail.
Is there a certain order I should be doing things in terms of installing drivers, deleting devices etc?
Thanks so much for any advice you can give.

I would use the API+ Browser SmartThings® API Browser+
Delete and install needs to be done in phone app.
Do it fresh, then using the brower check if it is using driver or DTH.
You should be able to validate what it is being setup with in the device information in the browser and if it matches a fingerprint in Edge-Drivers-Beta/fingerprints.yml at main · Mariano-Github/Edge-Drivers-Beta · GitHub

Thank you. I have just done a fresh reset and verified it is the same device as on list. But still having same issue… After I remove the device, SmartThings seems to just pick up the same device again once I reset the switch (even places it back in the same room)
Here is the info from API+. Looks like it is still using DTH. Is there a way to force it not to?

are you sure the fingerprint matches each field 100%?
The name seems off?
You could try adding the zigbee thing driver to get mroe detailed stuff for marino to fingerprint.

Hi @Jordan_Atkins

I think you would have to delete the DTH from your IDE and then pair the device

Thanks @Mariano_Colmenarejo
Perfect! That did the trick!
Very much appreciate your hard work.
Also thank you @kortex for your help.

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How GOD to add an Tuya zigbee 1 button mini switch? It’s called Woox R7053. Do i need an Tuya hub also or i can add directly to Aeotec hub v3?
If only with Aeotec hub, how to do it?

Thank you!

Hi @vasilievflorin

If it’s wifi it doesn’t work with hub v3.

If it is zigbee 3.0 it could work. It would be necessary to know the fingerprints, manufacturer and model

Hi mr. Mariano. Tnx for support!
That device is ZigBee 3.0. Since i am new, can you help me and redirect where and how to find fingerprints, manufacturer and model for Woox R7053?


You can install the Zigbee Thing Mc driver on your hub from my channel.

add the device with the app to see if it pairs with the controller and it will show you all the information

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Any plans for this one?

Hi @fredd0

What device is this?

It’s a Sengled smart light switch



But it’s a button with battery, right?

If so, it doesn’t work with my driver.

Maybe @erickv or @ygerlovin can add it to their drivers

Hi @Mariano_Colmenarejo ,

I’m using your driver with a Sonoff mini switch but the power measurement show 0. How can I check if this unit support this capability with the CLI?

Ooooh - sorry. I missed that. Thanks for the reference to the other devs.

Hi @Sediento

This is the reason

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I see, so are the capabilities shown with the devices:capability-status cli command dependent on the used edge driver?

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Depend of the profile assigned in the driver

I have an osram plug here and I’m not sure if this one should measure the power or not, how can I be sure of it?