(New Release) Edge Driver Virtual Appliances Mc (virtual Switch Mirror, Virtual Calendar and virtual Switch Board...)

If you want to use this capability you have to enter the states that are emitted for that capability. On a SwitchBoard 2 switch:
“All Switch On”
“All Switch Off”

But it seems more practical to use the states of the individual switches to make routines

@Mariano_Colmenarejo Thanks for your reply, cleared cache and all became obvious :+1:

Thanks for taking the time. It seems I am stuck using seperate routines then.

Oh, I see now how you use it, that makes sense. I was hoping to have it turn on 15-45 minutes after sunset, then turn off 15-45 minutes before midnight, staying on the whole time in between.

I think I can work with it as is if I treat them like momentary switches, just means I have to think a little bit harder about what I’m trying to do. :thinking:

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@Mariano_Colmenarejo is there a way to add Fast Actions to each switch. Currently Fast Actions turn on only First switch, however they turn Off any that is turned On.
This is what I am talking about

Right now only the first one is in full control by Fast Actions, and using fast action switch can be turned on couple minutes after Sunset and turned off couple minutes before midnight.
I don’t have any multi component plugs to see if Fast actions are available for each component

Hi @milandjurovic71

This is an app issue for all multi-component devices.
I reported it when we started with edge over a year ago.

Also, it is not known to which switch the actions are applied, I think that in a triple Switch switch 3 was applied for routines.

I can’t find where the post is

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Yes, I was just testing this. It turns On only first switch, but turns Off any that is On.
I remember when you reported this. I was just hoping that they fixed it already

@andresg any update on multi component actions?


this post You refer is for other issue.
This issue is in THEN part of routines for multicomponents devices, does not possible select independent actions for each component.
This yes is possible in IF part of the routine

Hi @milandjurovic71

This is the post.
It seems that making the timers of each component independent was solved, but there are still things that have not been solved.
Component name not displayed in events
quick actions

Is this means that you could add those timers to each component (switch) in switch board?

I am not talking about Timer from Details page

I am talking about Fast Actions from Routines page

I was just telling you that the timers didn’t work at the beginning of edge either and now they work fine.
These timers are automatically implemented by the App and they are in the switchBoards.

Quick actions still not working fine

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Hi @Mariano_Colmenarejo

I am using the 4-switch switchboard - Max 1 Switch On.
I understand that the names cannot be changed (Switch-1, Switch-2 etc).

However - would it be possible to add a setting to the driver, to change the way the “Switch Board Status” is presented?

Currently, the Switch Board Status states S1:On
Would it be possible to change the Switch Board Status to be the name of the switch that is turned on?

So the Switch Board Status shows the name of switch 1, or name of switch 2 etc. (But it doesn’t need to show “ON”)

Maybe this could be an option in the settings?

My use case is Location Mode, and I prefer using this driver instead of the free text driver so I can easily jump into the device and change location if necessary.

Thank you

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Problem would be if you use any switch ON

Yes - agreed.
This idea is more specific to “Max 1 switch on” option, otherwise text presentation could get quite long


I’ll see if it can be done as an option without complicating the code

Great - thank you for looking into this.