(New Release) Beta Edge Drivers Z-Wave with more FIBARO devices:

And the same manufacturer and model too?

si. tutto e’ uguale tranne endpoint

that’s the problem. I can’t differentiate the profiles because they have the same parameters in the raw (except ep)

Well, the only thing that occurs to me is that you assign the profile of 2 components to the 2 devices.
In preferences, you create a preference to change the profile so that you can assign a simple socket profile to the component you want.

You can look at the preferences and the icon change code in the zigbee switch Mc

- name: "changeProfile"
    title: "Select Profile Icon"
    description: "Select Profile Icon:"
    required: false
    preferenceType: enumeration
        "Switch" : "Switch"
        "Plug": "Plug"
        "Light": "Light"
        "Vent": "Vent"
        "Camera": "Camera"
        "Humidifier": "Humidifier"
        "Oven" : "Oven"
        "Tv": "Tv"
        "Air": "Air"
        "Refrigerator": "Refrigerator"
        "Washer": "Washer"
      default: "Light"
------ Change profile & Icon
      if id == "changeProfile" then
       if newParameterValue[device] == "Switch" then
        device:try_update_metadata({profile = "single-switch"})
       elseif newParameterValue[device] == "Plug" then
        device:try_update_metadata({profile = "single-switch-plug"})

Ok j try it. Thankyou.

@Mariano_Colmenarejo i have lost control of my Fibaro RGBW controler using your driver, all available on off buttons when tapped result in a pop up that says network or server error, has there been some ST changes that have changed how the driver works ?

Main β€˜on’ works but when tapped to switch β€˜off’ i get network server error

Likewise if β€˜off’ i get same pop up error, after a few attempts it occasionally sends the off or on command to the device

Hi @fido

The driver has not been modified since May 29. If something has changed, it must have been the app or something in the hub.

Let’s see if other users have noticed something too

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All my Fibaro Dimmer 2 stopped working a while ago with this driver. I also added a new Fibaro Dimmer 2, all the tiles just showed the cloud symbol. Did not have time to troubleshoot, so I uninstalled the driver.

Hi @cscheiene

I don’t have any fibaro dimmer 2 device to test this.

Please, has any other user had problems with the fibaro dimmer 2, paired with the ZWave Switch Mc driver?

Are there any plans to add the FIBARO fgk-101 to edge driver list?

I have had no issues with my Dimmer Single using Z-Wave Switch Mc driver, I also have a Switch 2 that is trouble free,

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Hi @Cokecan72,

I have made a Z-Wave Switch Test driver for you to test the implementation of parameter 19-Forced switch on brightness level.

  • This parameter only acts on the commands generated by pressing the power on the physical switch of dimmer2.
    With the switch of the app or automations you will go to the last known level.
  • You will not find parameter 19 in preference settings. I have created a Custom Capability, which will be shown after the energy Meter and It will show the parameter 19 values ​​and can be entered new values:
    • 0 = disabled
    • 1 to 99 = Forced level % value on next power up from switch S1
  • With automations you can do:
    • Send the value of the parameter between 1 and 99 to activate a level at the start time of the Night period
    • Send the value 0 at the time the night period ends.

You can install this driver on your Hub and perform a driver change on the dimmer you want to test.

It is possible that for the custom Capability β€œForced switch on brightness level” to appear you have to close the app and clear the cache of the app if you use android.

I don’t think it’s necessary to reboot the hub.

Test Driver version:

β”‚ Name        β”‚ Z-Wave Switch Test                   β”‚
β”‚ Version     β”‚ 2022-08-08T21:07:10.290163712        β”‚

When you try it tell me how it works, please