New Project - Secret Bookshelf Door

I’m helping a friend who has a panic room, and it is at the end of the hall. I’m looking to use SmartThings to use it to move a book and then slide open the door.

The book triggering a switch in ST is easy, i can either use a contact sensor or multi w/ the movement, but i’m looking for people who have experience with motorized hinges. It can either be a bookshelf, or if that is too heavy to move we can do a wall and just have the door open up.

Does anyone have any hardware ideas for me to use?


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V Several community members of done this. See the following topics (these are clickable links):

A classic, including a spinning globe:

One using a keypad:

Just remember to include a manual back up as well. :wink:


I’ll add one more to JD’s list. This is a bit different, but might give you some ideas on what else you can do/use.


Also check out @johnr 's CoopBoss (for a chicken coop door) and the various pet door solutions for more hardware discussions.

Just be very very careful with safety issues if you intend to have the door close as well as open. This is discussed in some of the pet door solution topics. An automatically closing door can cause significant injury. At the very least, you want to include the kind of obstruction detection system that garage doors use.


Wouldnt use smartthings to control anythig security based especially a panic room - imagine been broken into by armed robbers and ST cloud was playing up . . . Could be a situation where SmartThings assists a murder this :confused: