New Product: Caavo

Just saw this new product that hasn’t yet reached the market but thought I would post it on here for all to check out. It has eight HDMI inputs that can connect to a wide range of devices, including streaming players like Roku, Fire TV devices, MVPD-supplied set-top boxes, Blu-ray players and gaming consoles. A lightweight client can detect and control them all from a unified interface and can, for example, link the viewer directly to a show or a movie available from individual apps or retrieve a show that’s recorded to the local DVR.

Good pedigree, interesting if creepy concept (it’s going to scan everything on the screen of your television in order to figure out what to do next), good funding. There may be something real here, although as the articles note there are some potential roadblocks as well.

It’s not due to launch until this summer, so we’ll see what they actually deliver. :sunglasses:

Product Release Update
They’re in the final rounds of testing and plan to begin shipping their first 5,000 units this fall.

It is now available in limited quantity…