New Person Needs Help

OK guys I know I may get blasted here but I am new to all of this and need to ask a couple of really stupid questions. I se apps on these forums that allow you to integrate things not yet supported officially like my MyQ Garage door opener. My problem is I dont understand how to install them. For instance this one from Copy Ninja. Is there an area in here that explains what all I need to do to install this? Or can someone explain it to me?

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  1. Load MyQ Service Manager2.1k in SmartApp997 section
  2. Load MyQ Garage Door Opener1.1k and MyQ Light Controller755 in SmartDevice578 section
  3. Publish all of the above
  4. In your mobile app, tap the “+”, go to “My Apps”, furnish your log in details and pick your gateway brand, and a list of devices will be available for you to pick


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This is a great place to start:

You’ll see FAQ’s for device handlers and SmartApps. This should get you going!


The wiki page is a good place to start. It covers how to install device types/handlers and smartapps.


I also wrote a get started guide for installing device types in this thread, maybe will give you some help

Thank You I have my first custom app running. If your ever in North Texas beers are on me.

@Intimnasc Now that’s an offer I may not be able to refuse some day. I do make trips to Plano and Amarillo every so often! :beers:

Im an hour west of Plano and have 2 spare bedrooms with a keggerator on the back porch by the pool. You sir are welcome.