New Official Integration: Samsung Multiroom Audio

why am I having so much trouble hearing this item

I just wanted to raise this with people… After reviewing hours an hours of live logging. I’ve noticed that the only form of voice playback that my 2 M5’s seen to be able to play is when the command is converted into a MP3.

This is the live logging code that WORKS: playTrackAndRestore(, 6, 50)

Any other form of voice playback that ST or its smartapps uses no longer plays through the speakers… the audio has to be converted into an MP3 (via the amazon cloud) and then the playTrack (playTrackAndRestore) works.

ST are you able to investigate this please?

The command you’re looking for is playTextAndResume(“what’s up”, 50)
Params are text, volume level

I am also at a total loss on this. I have two 350 speakers and like many others although I can pause and control volume I cannot get ST to send a notification to it no matter what I try. The logging looks like it does send and it goes get the proper mp3 - but nothing happens on the speaker._

Ok - Strangely - after trying this over and over for about 3 hrs. As soon as I wrote the post above it started working.

what about the R1 WAM1500 - I just bought two of them. Why are not in the list? Any plans to include them?

I have my R1 with the market place dth working with no problems

thanks Lee. What id the market place dth?

Just go Marketplace Things. Then entertainment, speakers, samsung, then connect. Mine paired without any problems.

thanks. I just ordered my SM, didnt receive it yet, that’s why I am not familiar with the term.

I had no problem pairing the speakers with the hub. My issue is that I can’t find the notify smartapp. Anyone know what happened? I have a few R7’s and the v2 hub.

big talker and rule machine are both capable of doing notifications over speakers…, there may be others…

I have been unable to get ANYTHING to play on my 350 from ST. ST has found the device and added the speaker three times. I assume that one is wireless, one is bluetooth, and one is the NIC. How did you get this to work?

did you upgrade the firmware on them?

First of all upgrade the firmware as suggested. Second of all I looked at the logs in ST and could see that it was sending commands to the speaker both prerecorded and TTS. When I saw this I started fiddling with the volume.

I think the key to get it working is to tell the command to increase the volume to a certain level when it delivers the alert to the speaker. Looking back through all my troubleshooting, I think thats what made it work for me.

Mike thanks for responding. I’m a little irritated about the platform. I migrated to the v2 hub prior to talk TTS was working natively. The smartapp was in the marketplace albeit a pain to find. Do you or anyone else know what happened to the native support?is it because I added multiple r7’s at the same time?

YES! That is the problem I believe I am having with my Samsung WAM-750 with @geko SmartAlarm! I can see the blue light flashing on the speaker indicating it is receiving some kind of input when the alarm gets triggered but I can’t hear anything. I think SmartAlarm needs to have a setting to modify the volume level. Any thoughts Geko?

I know the WAM-750 is functioning with ST because using Speaker Notify with Sound works perfectly. I also know SmartAlarm is working because I installed the VLC Thing and it announces the alarm fine, (while the Samsung flashes it’s blue light)

UPDATE: Thanks to @krlaframboise for the help in tweaking the SmartAlarm code to work with Samsung M3, M5, M7 Speakers.

I think you asking where to find it to install? It’s part of the native SmartApps under My Home / Marketplace / Music&Sounds / Speaker Notify with Sound. I think it used to be called Sonos Notify with Sound but they changed it to a universal name since other speakers work with that app by SmartThings. It is interesting they didn’t change the icon for it yet because it is still Sonos.

I think this is where I found it previously but can’t seem to find it anymore. I’m on Android and have only run into this since I migrated to the V2 hub. Does anyone have the code for the smartapp itself? I guess I could just go about it that way.

Weird?! That is exactly where mine is.

Have you tired logging out of the app and going back in, or even resetting your hub as well? If not a quick support ticket I’m sure will fix it. They respond very quickly now via email or even on chat.

Yeah, I just opened a support ticket. I really appreciate everyone’s help, but this appears to be an issue I can’t resolve without their help.