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New Official Integration: Samsung Multiroom Audio

(Dave Gutheinz) #455

I have had this in the past. A hard reset of the hub cleared it for me, but that may have been coincidental. No explicit current problems.

(Dave Gutheinz) #456

sorry for the delay. I do not monitor this thread - but the unoffical one. However, Pandora is one that works consistently well on my system.

BTW - is yours a soundbar or a speaker? It makes a difference since I use the Official Integration as a child device to play TTS on the speakers.

(Jim Solinski) #457

Hi Dave,
Thanks. I do not use a soundbar. Maybe that is the issue.
I Heart restarts after the weather announcement fine.

(Jason) #458

I’ve reset my router the speaker and snarthings hub and nothing works.

(AaronW) #459

I had to work with ST support. Took us 30 minutes.

(Dave Gutheinz) #460

Issue with TTS Integration. Although I can send the command and generate the sound on the Amazon Server, my Device Handler and Service Manager do NOT have access to play the sound from the Amazon Server.

Bottom line:

TTS will be integrated (couple of days to finalize) and will work for the Speakers (using the surrogate Lan SamsungSpeaker); however, the Soundbars will not until they are supported in the “Official Integration”. I do not believe that the HW-MS650 is currently supported (my soundbar).


(JIm) #461

@Gutheinz Do you know if the R1 speaker can be set to use a different voice? I am using the LAN SamsungAudio DTH. I can’t seem to find the code for that DTH to see. In my smartapp I Am using the playText commond.

(Dave Gutheinz) #462

You could do this in your smart app on the textToSpeech command as the second parameter then send the audio notification:

                       def sound = textToSpeech("I have a feeling", "Nicole")
                       def uri = sound.uri
                       def duration = sound.duration
                       speaker.playTrackAndResume(uri, duration, null)

I will test the device handler tomorrow using some test code I am developing. We will see the flexibility. (I do know that they can take a playTextandResume command, but what parameters I need to test.)

(Dave Gutheinz) #463

Just completed a test on my R1’s. The Device Handler does not support custom languages; therefore, the playTextAndResume and playTextAndRestore only work in the default voice.

To play non-default voice, you have to have an external device handler or smart app to get to the textToSpeech command with custom voice, convert to the mp3 file, and then send as playTrackAndResume, etc.

In my custom Smart App / Device Handler - NEXT VERSION - I will find a means to support playTextAndResume with different voices. It will act as the device handler mentioned above and hopefully, the custom commands for playText will work with WebCore.

Your other option is to use BigTalker, which currently supports multiple voices (it acts as the smart app mentioned in para 2).


(Dave Gutheinz) #464


Off subject to your previous post; however, on the multiroom speaker.

Is there a way I can set the LAN SamsungAudio device handler as a child device to another Device Handler / device? I tried, but I do not have the namespace.

This device handler is the only way I can use the text-to-speach command (linked to Amazon Polly) from within my device handler. Even though the text-to-speech creates the URI, without LAN SamsungAudio, Amazon does not recognize the call from the speaker as valid.

Currently, I install both the LAN SamsungAudio and my handler, using the LAN SamsungAudio for AudioNotification only. This (of course) adds overhead to the environment and makes installation more difficult.

(Peter) #465


Is the “Official” Integration dead?

I have 10 of these speakers (R1 and R7) and was hoping to find there was better integration. Wish I never had to open the Multiroom app, but the grouping and stream selection just lacks

(Dave Gutheinz) #466

Official inegration is not dead. Just kind-of limited.

(Ann Ingham) #467

I am unable to get smart things app to see either my multiroom hub or my M3 M5 or WMA6500. Any hints on how to do it? Anyone got some actual instructions?

(Keith Spragg) #468

You won’t be able to add the hub at all - really the Hub is just a WiFi Access point now, with a fixed name and password so that the speakers don’t need any extra info to attach. This also might explain why you’re having issues adding the speakers - but it depends if the Smartthings Hub is on the same network subnet as the speakers.
In the multiroom app, check the status to show what IPs your speakers are on. Many home networks use 192.168.1.x as the format. Now compare to what IP the Smartthings Hub is on - annoyingly it seems there isn’t a way in app to find out - but if you go to the advanced settings of your router, you can find what IP it’s on.
It should also be on an IP address where the first three numbers match (192.168.1.x) - if it doesn’t, I’d be tempted to try removing the Multiroom Hub from the equation and join your WAMs to the standard WiFi network directly.

(Ann Ingham) #469

Thanks… I’ll try that


I have 3 Samsung Multiroom devices integrated. In Smartthings I can also control those devices, but the Alexa integration does not work like expected. I installed the Smartthings skill and Alexa found 3 new devices, but unfortunately all 3 devices are detected as switch and not as loudspeaker. Like that within Alexa I accnnot control any function of my Samsung Multiroom devices.

Any hints how to solve this issue?