New Official Integration: Samsung Multiroom Audio

I don’t have the answers to all of your questions, but we’re about to start our testing for the next version of this integration which offers some major improvements. We’ve been working closely with the Samsung speaker teams to raise the quality level.


Hello Tyler

Im really hoping integration will improve, because i love the speakers.
Please let us know, if you need beta testers…i would be happy to give things a try and assist.

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I have to agree with the sentiments above. I had such high hopes for these but I’m still left disappointed. I look forward to the next version, I hope it’s not a year away. I have an M5, R5 and an R1. I would buy more, but I’m afraid to up my investment.

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Strange - When I select ‘Add a Thing’ - ‘Entertainment’ - ‘Speakers’ - ‘Samsung’ - ‘Samsung Multiroom Speakers’ - IOS adds my Samsung R1s and my Samsung TV and my IPhone 6 Plus.

Why would anyone expect anything to improve? Read any of these threads…they all end the same way. These guys can’t even release a hub that can reliably determine presence or utilize a security model that allows for multi-user access without admin rights to everything for everyone. I’m glad to know they’re working on Samsung Multiroom Audio integration when basic functionality is painfully unreliable. I suppose the bright side to the release of this particular Official Integration is the obvious lack of resources they allocated. :wink: Probably time to cut our losses like so many others have…

I have a R1 and am using it for notifications and “wifi” music. I am really happy with it but for one issue (will review my experience later).

It has a definite issue "spamming my notification log…thousands, about 10 per minute. I have reported to support about a week ago and “they are working with the Samsung speaker group”. It is a problem for others as well…see link below.

Ditto. I have four M5 speakers. I would probably buy four more speakers and/or a sound-bar. But, I haven’t been impressed with any of the implementations by Samsung & SmartThings. I have been TRYING to stay “in-brand” (assuming it would eventually become better-integrated?..) But, I’m on the verge of abandoning ship, and switching to Sonos.


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I have both the Samsung R5 and the sonos. The sonos by far sounds better all around.

Jusy my 2 cents.

I have a Samsung R1, and it shows up as a ‘musicplayer’ but not as a ‘voice synthesis’ device, so I can’t get TTS to work with it. Am I doing something wrong? I added it to ST the way ST says to, nothing custom.

Sorry I should have been clearer, using ‘Samsung Audio Connect’.

Just a follow up, I can now do text to speech with the R1 in Core and everywhere else. Not sure what changed.

Does this integration support the WAM 1500 (R1) speakers?

Hey everyone!

Just got a ST hub v2. And trying to add my HW-H750 sound bar to it. I have the multiroom hub as well, and have the multiroom app working.

Now when trying to add it to ST, I go to: Add a thing->Manual->speakers->samsung multiroom>-connect now.

And the screen says please wait while we discover… It’s been going for 10+ mins and no joy. Am I missing something?

As for my network, soundbar connected via wifi. ST & Multiroom hubs connected by cable. And soundbar firmware has been updated to: ver. 3109.2 (apparently the most recent)

A quick followup, I connected the soundbar by lan cable, and it connected to smart things. Unplugging the cable (from soundbar), and again it doesn’t work, but multiroom app still does.

So two questions, 1. how can I connect it via wifi?

  1. Once connected, other than playing some of the pre-recorded (dog barking, bell, etc) based on a trigger event, can we somehow play music or do we still need to rely on the MultiRoom app?

Just as food for thought for the developers: google home recognizes Samsung speakers as light switches. :frowning:

It’s been a while since I connected my R1, but it had a small button underneath to push to initiate the wifi pairing. I believe you then use the Multiroom app to add the speaker…but since yours is connected thru the LAN I’m not sure what the sequence would be. Just some of what I can remember.

Hi Tgreen. My speakers are connected via wifi. In multiroom I’m connected, can play music can wake/turn off speaker remotely. Works amazing! :slight_smile: Now comes smartthings…can not get it to recognize it. So, I thought just to test, and hook the lan cable to the speaker. And within a minute, smart things recognizes it. And I’m not 100% sure, but it seemed like it was connected via LAN & wifi at the same time. So everything works everywhere, now i unplug the lan cable, and speaker no longer interacts with smartthings, multiroom continues beautifully. So I’m wondering if there is something i need to get it to connect wirelessly? (upnp, wps or something else?)

Maybe someone else in the community can help…my Samsung R1 didn’t even have an ethernet input.

Probably time to connect with Samsung ST support.

Good luck, and post the solution when you get it working.

I no longer have my R3,R5, or soundbar connected to smartthings (and don’t plan to readd them till ST properly implements them and they are stable). But if memory serves me right, the connection to ST is based on IP. If you are connecting your speaker via 2 interfaces (wireless and wired), each interface will have a different IP but ST will only be connected on one of them. Your Samsung multiroom app will always find it because it scans the network every time to display your connected speakers.

So here’s my recommendation.

  • remove your speaker from ST altogether including the smartapp.
  • remove the lan cable and ensure your speaker is connecting on the wireless network.
  • setup a IP reservation on your router for your speaker on the wireless connection and document this IP.
  • readd the Samsung connect smart app to ST and hopefully it will find your speaker on the wifi.

A great mobile app for viewing, documenting and troubleshooting network connectivity issues like this would be the Fing app.

Since you had these, maybe you can answer my question. Can they be connected to Bluetooth and Wifi at the same time ? I’m thinking about using via BT with a Dot for music and WiFi for TTS for ST.

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No unfortunately you can’t use both at the time. The input to activate must be selected from the samsung app or the speaker.
Internally the speaker doesn’t have an on board mixer, nor an auto input activation circuit.
I’ve requested that the input selections be added to the st integration, some how I doubt this will be included in the next release, but one can hope.
Not sure the senior guys I talked to got the use case that @RLDreams and I desire, I have no idea what sorts of setups these folks run at home, but I’m guessing they aren’t that sophisticated.
The lack of remote input selection in the st integration is a pretty serious limitation if using these in an ha environment.
I also requested that the dth for these be released so we could fix it, the inputs and the atrocious ridiculous unless logging output, that hasn’t happened either.