New Official Integration: Samsung Multiroom Audio

YES! That is the problem I believe I am having with my Samsung WAM-750 with @geko SmartAlarm! I can see the blue light flashing on the speaker indicating it is receiving some kind of input when the alarm gets triggered but I can’t hear anything. I think SmartAlarm needs to have a setting to modify the volume level. Any thoughts Geko?

I know the WAM-750 is functioning with ST because using Speaker Notify with Sound works perfectly. I also know SmartAlarm is working because I installed the VLC Thing and it announces the alarm fine, (while the Samsung flashes it’s blue light)

UPDATE: Thanks to @krlaframboise for the help in tweaking the SmartAlarm code to work with Samsung M3, M5, M7 Speakers.

I think you asking where to find it to install? It’s part of the native SmartApps under My Home / Marketplace / Music&Sounds / Speaker Notify with Sound. I think it used to be called Sonos Notify with Sound but they changed it to a universal name since other speakers work with that app by SmartThings. It is interesting they didn’t change the icon for it yet because it is still Sonos.