NEW MOBILITY Magazine: Request for wheelchair user stories on DIY home projects (May 2019)

NEW MOBILITY Magazine has been around for 30 years as a lifestyle magazine for wheelchair users and their families. In the past, I’ve posted several links to stories they’ve run about home automation, a couple of which have mentioned smartthings. ( I have no connection to them other than as a long-time reader.)

This month they had an article from a guy who uses a wheelchair on the adaptations he made so that he could help paint his own house.

At the end of the article they are asking for stories from other wheelchair users on other DIY projects, and specifically on tricks, tips, and tools used to help complete the project.

I thought there might be some community members here Who have some relevant stories related to Home Automation and might be interested in contributing.

Remember this specific request is for stories about the person in the wheelchair doing the work themselves, not just about the general benefit of the project. They may be working as part of a team, that’s fine. But the goal of the article is to present ideas for other people in wheelchairs.

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If you’ve refreshed your paint or undertaken any other DIY home improvement projects from your wheelchair, we’d like to hear about them. Comment online, or email We’ll post a blog to share reader tips and tricks. Happy hacking.