New Map View Feature (to visualize where devices are located in your home)

Darn, looks like there is more to SmartThings Supported Devices than what they’ve stated :frowning:

I mean “Android Devices” is a pretty broad segment. It’s looking like it’s only “specific” Android Devices !


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You would think having a “Samsung” phone, it would supported, especially a S21FE and my Samsung A73 has similar specs to my daughters S21.
Its probably location based in the roll out, as here in Australia, we miss out on other things like labs and stuff.

Question for anyone who has set up a map view:

Does each “member” need to set up the map view or is it available to all once the owner sets it up?

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I set it up on my Note 10+

Just checked it out on my wife’s Note 10+ and it was there.

So looks like one member needs to set it up, then it’s available for others.


After setting it up on my device, the only thing I had to do on my wife’s device was adjust the color scheme for the rooms/map as that did not carry over for some reason.


Any idea if the Nov 7th v 1.7.09 iOS update includes the Map View feature?

Same for me no map icon in app v - Galaxy S10 (8GB RAM & Android 12).

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@Marcin_K Galaxy S10. Clear app cache Force Stop and reload the app. You will get the map.
I have the map since day one on Galaxy S10.


Nothing, just tried, same device, same hoop jumping… still a no show ?


Thanks I do all steps with still no succes. I assume that there is some regional lock. (Poland)


Same here, also from Poland, running on S10e and S22. App version updated.
No map view feature yet.

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It seems that I can only add three floors. Is anyone else able to add more?

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No map view for me here yet despite latest app version , reboots, reinstalls etc. galaxy s23 ultra android 14 and should have plenty of memory

I was not able to add more than three floors.

The “Add Floor” button disappears after the 3rd Floor is added.

Maybe that’s a future enhancement?

In the meantime, are you able to place two of your floors either side/by/side or one-above/one-below on the same page (floor) ?

Technically, I only have two floors, but I created a third “floor” called “Outside” to layout my outdoor and lawn devices. I wanted to create a fourth floor called “People” just for presence sensors because they don’t really go anywhere else, but I just added those to the “Outside” floor.


Anyone spotted the map feature in uk yet?

Nothing in the Netherlands yet

I’ve been playing around with the map view. It does make things much more intuitive vs the normal button view.
I tried uploading a floorplan, but it could not create a floorplan manually.
Creating one manually is kind of fiddly with my fingers on a phone … but with DEX on my laptop and mouse it is SO much easier. Great option!

Of course we have a larger than normal floorplan - so that does not help!



I used DEX too and it made it much easier!

Also, using my Note 10+ Stylus was very helpful too!

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Map view shows on my Note 20 ultra (great option) but not on my Tab A7 Lite? Stoppod STs, cleared cache still no map icon. Any suggestions?