New LIFX Products

LIFX just announced it is releasing two new products:

1 - LIFX Z (Light Strips)
2 - LFIX +

Both still in pre-order status.

Looks like the only differences between the LIFX+ and the LIFX Color 1000 are that the plus has 45 more lumens and it has the ability to give off infrared when when off to help with security camera night vision. It doesn’t look like there is HomeKit integration. I don’t mind the lack of homekit integration, however I still suspect that LIFX will release a hub / homekit bulb which acts a a hub to enable homekit on all bulbs.

Take your smart home to another wavelength with the LIFX+. With the help of infrared, the LIFX+ lets you see in the dark by enhancing the range and quality of vision from your at home security camera.

The infrared is very innovative. It has me considering replacing a a couple of my bulbs when these come out, however no reason to swap out all of them.


These are up for pre-order on Amazon now. Available Nov. 1.

I can’t seem to find them on Amazon. If they are still $79.99 that is way too much.

And yes, $80. Give it a couple months until Christmas maybe, for a better price?

I wouldn’t mind a couple only to enhance my security cameras with the infrared.

I see it now, it is 20 or so products down the search results for LIFX. $80 it too much.

Does anyone know if the LIFX+ bulbs are fully controllable via ST? They are currently on sale on the LIFX website. But the literature on the site does not mention LIFX+ compatibility with ST - nor does ST support mention LIFX+ anywhere.


The LIFX+ bulb should work just fine with the standard device handler that SmartThings has for LIFX, however it will not control the IR functionality of the bulb. I wrote a separate DH for LIFX bulbs and LIFX+ bulbs which I like better for controlling single bulbs and I recently added the IR control functionality. You can create a piston using CoRE an call the custom irOn and irOff methods to turn it on / off based on a schedule.

If you want to control the IR, make sure you use the DH for LIFX+.

Just a word of warning. Some have said that the LIFX+ uses around 8w of power when off but with the IR on. If this is true, you will be using at least 8w all the time as the bulb does not have any kind of sensor to tell if it is dark and the IR should be on or off. This is why I added the extra methods so you can schedule the IR. Basically, don’t run the IR during the day when the lights are off.

Hi don’t know if you could help. I’ve got 1 of my 6 lifx bulbs with this handler all working apart from the colour wheel dose nothing. If I change the colour in the lifx app it changes. If I go back into the st & move the wheel it still dose nothing but the white colour change bar dose bring it back white. Any idea what I’ve done wrong ?

So just checking…

From the ST app you can turn it on/off, change the brightness but the color wheel doesn’t work, right?

That’s right wheel is doing nothing at all on st app. I can retry it on a
different lifx bulb in the morning see if I get anything from that.

I’ll be home later tonight. I’ll take a look. I’ll be honest I never actually use the ST app to change colors, but it did used to work. I’ll let you know.

I tested my bulbs at home and they all seem to work (color change also). Can you try again today? I know LIFX was having cloud issues yesterday.

Otherwise, can you set the logging to debug and capture logs and post here?