New Jasco In-Wall Dimmer doesn't ramp when dimming?

I have a bunch of Jasco in-wall dimmers (in the GE box, get them at Lowes). All of mine ramp when turning on/off including this new one.

However, this new one does not ramp when setting dim levels. It just goes to the dim level. Is that a feature of the switch or the device type? I’m using the same device type - so I’d assume the dimmer.

Not sure if I like the no ramp, now that I’m used to it everywhere else!

Are you setting dim levels using a smartapp or the physical switch?

All of my 12724 dimmers fade up and down when using the physical switch to turn on and off, but when using smartapps they all go instantly to the set dim level with no ramp.

Using the device screen inside of Things. All my dimmers look like this, only this new dimmer I bought today is doing the no-ramp-dim

It still ramps on/off

So are you saying when you turn them on, they ramp up to whatever setting they are set too and when you turn them off they ramp down to off but if say, you go from 30% to 100% while on, it’ll jump straight from 30% to 100% without any ramp up in between?

I don’t think this link is the same issue but it’s interesting nevertheless, I haven’t checked which versions I have waiting to install are yet…