New iOS App Questions

(Steve S) #1

Ok, so I have about a million… but let’s start with…

  1. Have you fixed the iOS mobile presence issues???

  2. How (in my code) can I make messages appear in the “conversation” view or whatever you call that thing you made look like my house is IMing me. This would make debugging my apps SO much easier for things you can’t see/do in the simulator.

  3. Can I add stuff you don’t have on the dashboard to the the dashboard? For example, there’s no place to put a Smoke/CO Detector

  4. Can I add an “App” icon to the dashboard?

In general, I like the idea - I worry the dashboard will get cumbersome - I would love a blank page I could just add whatever I wanted to (Apps, devices, displays, etc.) But overall, great job overhauling the app without invalidating what we’ve already set up!

(C Chen) #2
1) How (in my code) can I make messages appear in the “conversation” view

Looks like they are push messages

(Steve S) #3

@stepchen, yep - I was hoping there would be a way to do it without spamming my phone.

(C Chen) #4
  1. How do I change mode manually?

  2. I have some virtual switches that should have red background (instead of green) when they are on. They are in the Things view, but on the dashboard, they show up as green. Any adjustment needed in the device type to get them to have the right color?

(C Chen) #5
  1. It is a little confusing that the ‘Hello, Home’ view has the newest message at bottom, but the ‘Activity Feed’ has it on top.

(Blake Westerdahl) #6
  1. How do I change mode manually?

At the bottom of the “Hello,Home” screen there is a bar to press to “Change mode and more”. if you have created custom modes, you may have to map the mode to one of the actions by pressing the gear on the right.

(Dan Lieberman) #7


1/ You can use sendNotificationEvent() to put an event in the Hello, Home feed without sending a push notification. (e.g., sendNotificationEvent( “Hello, World!” ))

2/ Smoke/CO detectors will be added to the Damage & Dangers dashboard module shortly. It’s currently being tested internally.

3/ So what we haven’t talked much about yet is that the Dashboard modules are really just SmartApps, but we’ve made significant updates to the platform that allow these SmartApps to expose UI elements. We’ll be introducing documentation in the future detailing how Dashboard modules work, and how you’ll be able to develop your own.


(Dan Lieberman) #8

@stepchen – The representation of your switch in the Dashboard module is distinct from the device type handler, and unfortunately there currently isn’t a way to customize the background colors in the Dashboard. Did you write your own device type handlers for your virtual switches?

I’ll add the feature request.


(C Chen) #9

@trotsky40 Thanks. I was hoping for something that just changes the mode without the additional actions.

@dlieberman. I copied the ‘On/Off Button Tile’ device type and changed the colors.

(Eric Schuld) #10

I really like the new configuration setup in the dashboard. I’ll need to mess with it a little more tonight - BUT - I like that I can set things to time ranges or days of the week now - all outside of the “app” system they had before.

My Christmas tree setup will now only run from 7am-10pm when there is motion in the house… not at 3am when I get up to pee. Really simple to setup in the app as well. Just have to remember to delete the old apps when I replace with a new one.

I will need to re-look at the Arduino Garage Door setup I have in the build section - it will still work with the old apps - but in the dashboard it is now always “on” - not that that matters much beyond something cosmetic.

Overall a really good update to the software!

(Steve S) #11

@dlieberman - thanks - the sendNotificationEvent() will be very handy.

REALLY looking forward to the documentation…

(Steve S) #12

Is there a way to tell what mode they system is currently in from the iOS interface?

(Andrew Urman) #13

@stevesell if you hit the menu button, under the location name it will say “Currently, mode is set to Home” or whichever mode you’re in.

(Florian Z) #14

I love the new “Actions” feature and how these are divorced from modes, cuts down on my workload of writing simple apps for basic actions, and lets me focus on the more complex apps.

I also cannot wait for the documentation on Dashboard modules!

My only point of criticism is that the Dashboard is currently a little awkward to navigate. For example, I have a bout a dozen switches, but only two of them show on the “Shortcuts” page, until I hit that Arrow-Toggle-Thingy to see the module in full-screen mode, enabling me to scroll the page. Also, there appears to be some sort of bug with the dashboard listview, resulting in a lot of negative space under the last dashboard module, if you scroll the dashboard all the way down.

(Florian Z) #15

About the Dashboard: I am not seeing the “Motion & Cameraa” and “Comfort” modules, like shown in the video on the SmartThings website. Is that a feature that is forthcoming or am I supposed to be seeing these modules, right now?

(Dan Lieberman) #16

@florianz – Those modules are on their way…

(Craig) #17

@dlieberman - Please make the feature request to be able to customize the dashboard view. I love the concept but considering that several of my main device types are completely custom I’ve lost all of the color / icons within the dashboard. This forces me to go back to the “Things” tab which seems a shame since the dashboard adds some nice summary views (in the headers of each section).

I’d also love to be able to collapse all of the sections (to just see the headers). Since I’ve been using the dashboard as a quick summary view I’d like to be able to see all the headers at once.

(Dan Lieberman) #18

@craig – I’d already added the customization request, so I just added your request to be able to collapse all cards to the feature request queue.

(Craig) #19

@dlieberman Thank you!

(Dome) #20

@dlieberman @craig +1 for this request. I was logging on to make that request when I saw you already had. While you’re at it, maybe look at a way to shrink or reposition the switches so if you have more than 2 you can see them without needing to click to expand the lights section. Overall I love the new app. Thanks!