New install not workig at all

I am at whitsend after two days. A new aotec hub, autoupdated to latest software. I have 7 new zigbee switches / dimmers (not branded from the list, the cream/green ones) connected to live. After so many tries and resets only two are detected, a dimmer as light, a switch as thing. Nowhere is an option to change the devicetype (on ios) and the two recognized switches i cannot control. Nothing happens when i switch the light on or off, the ‘thing’ has no controls at all. All items are in the same room.
Hub was reset, switches also. The list of brands is of no use.

you can login to IDE at to change the device type.

what are the brand/model of your devices?

Hi, two are tint switches, 5 are samotech dimmers. (those generic things with multiple brands on them)

Solved after lots of googling. Different setups in identical housings.