NEW Ikea TRÅDFRI dimmer


I added to Hub V2 system NEW Ikea TRÅDFRI dimmer

i also have 3 xiaom outlets, after adding TRÅDFRI, it immediately started turning them on and off. I tried to remove and re-add but same thing :thinking

Nice! Il looks like the remote for the Ikea blinds.
There is a DHT for that, it has been made b6 Luis_Pinto.

Perhaps it will work similarly.

Its a new dimmer to replace round one, they sell it in kit also.

The smartthings own device type lets use push and hold, but thats not the problem.

Right after adding it turns on and off all my Xiaomi outlets.

Try putting a high wattage bulb in

It’s a zigbee controller, and the Xioami outlets are also zigbee end devices (just like bulbs).

Xioami only expects their devices to be used with their own gateway, and they don’t always perform as expected in a SmartThings system.

It may be necessary to

  1. Remove the dimmer
  2. Confirm all the outlets are still working OK with ST
  3. Unplug all the outlets
  4. then add the dimmer
  5. Then plug the outlets back in.

That should keep the outlets from adding themselves to the dimmer’s control group when the dimmer is added to the network.

I know it’s a lot of extra work, but that’s the hidden cost of using the inexpensive Xioami devices. :disappointed_relieved:

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:+1::+1::+1: that helpt, and thigs work.

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