New hue firmware (March 2016)

I just updated my hue hub firmware and wondered if I am going crazy but the green on the hue bulbs used to be poor. It seems they tweaked something in the new f/w as the green looks well much darker like real green now…
Also the reason I updated for those who are having the same issue is that ifttt stopped working till I updated. The ifttt rules said cannot access lights till I did the update.

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Does updating the firmware kill the ability to pair non-hue bulbs to the hue bridge? Like the Cree bulbs?

no I don’t believe so they backed out that change a while ago. At least I have some osram bulbs… but I haven’t repaired lately

Apparently you haven’t updated your hub in exactly one month, because the last bridge firmware was released on Mach 1st :slight_smile: If you are on 01031131, that’s the latest…

Hey Larry @Lgkahn , I think you are right about the green color, the notes state: “Color Temperature is now ANSI (American National Standards Institute) compliant.” So they probably did some fine tuning of colors :slight_smile:

No that was rolled back in December with bridge software 01030262:

Bridge software 01030262 (replacing Bridge software 01029624, deployed December 1, 2015)

Roll back of changes restricting addition of new lights from other brands.
Roll back of changes to handling of scenes for lights from other brands.

No need to update if everything is working… I already have one hue hub in another house that I would have to fly to that Smartthings lost control of. Can really hit the pair button when you are not there.

For the past 2 weeks or so (at least since I noticed) all but 1 of my GE bulbs connected to the Hue bridge have the exclamation mark next to them which states “Light may not be reachable”. Other than a FW update in March, nothing has changed. Bridge and light all in the same location they have been for about 1 year. Anyone else notice any such issues in the past few weeks??

The Hue app on my iPad tells me there’s a new software update. I’ve updated it 3 times in the last week, it goes thru the process. 5 minutes later it shows there’s an update. Anybody else having that problem?

Have you upgraded from v1? I had very hard time getting rid of it, even though I followed their steps. I was having the same issue, as it was trying to update the ghost v1. I know I found a way to get rid of it but I don’t remember how, sorry. Is anyone’s app crashing like crazy? I finally reached out to their support as it became unbearable. Does anyone else have this issue?

I’m still on the Hue v1 hub & the ST’s v1 hub. Everything basically works as programmed thru the “smart lighting” app.

The only slightly annoying problem is, when I walk in to my kitchen every morning my 4 br30 color Hue lights turn on in a solid yellow color. Once I flip the dumb switch on & off, they work correctly with the motion detector. 2 weeks ago they didn’t do that, and I’ve done nothing fancy with the colors during that time.

Since updating to01031131 I can no longer detect the hue hub with Smartthings. I’ve done a full power reset of every since glee network component and both hubs. Both hubs are registered with DHCP and work with their own apps, but the Smartthings won’t detect the new hub. Any ideas on what to do?

I had no problem discovering the hue hub two weeks ago. If your issue is more recent, it might be because of all the changes that are going on. In fact, they said that on April 1st they are pushing an update to the hue connect. Not sure if it happened…

Found a solution. Went into and deleted the HUE bridge from there and it immediately appeared in the Hue discovery on the App. Now up and running again. Thanks for the help, I was pretty frustrated. I guess with Hue Hub if it’s not broken - don’t update it.