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New Hue delay

(Ramzman) #135

I have a first gen Hub and first gen Hue Bridge. I have about 20 Link bulbs and another ten Phillips all running through the Hue Bridge. Once the fix came out I couldn’t manage my Link bulbs. My fix was to unconnected all the links, reset the lights, connect them to my Wink Hub, let them get a firmware update, disconnect them from wink, reconnect them to Hue Bridge, then add them to Smartthings. 3 Hours of my life I’m not getting back! Everything is working exactly like it was before the update though…so I got that going for me :wink:


Hi everyone. I just wanted to let you know that we released an update that will allow you to control Hue lights marked as “Unreachable” by the Hue application once again.

Please note that for now state updates from the “Unreachable” lights will be ignored. However, we are working on correcting that as well.

(Chick Webb) #137

Assuming that it works, thank you very much. I’m not sure why, but every bulb that I have on the hue bridge (10 blooms, 3 philips strips, 8 philips BR30s, 4 philips A19s, and 9 GE Links) was unreachable last night. Needless to say, that caused a lot of issues and a rather substantial drop in the weekly WAF index.

(Wayne) #138

Thank you for releasing a fix in an agile manner. Can see a big difference already! :+1::+1:


Thanks for letting us know!


It doesn’t seem to work for me. I have “unreachable” lights according to the Hue app and third party apps cannot control them. “Unreachable” status randomly changes from one light to another. On ST, the linked Aeon MiniMote cannot control the unreachable lights.

Philips Hue support on Facebook is giving me the runaround with things to try, even blaming the distance of the lights to the hub. As far as I know my house isn’t growing bigger and the lights never left their position for a year now (unless they go out partying at night). I’m pretty sure the problem is not my setup.

Am I the only one who has this issue?

(Chris Nelson) #141

No I’ve had this issue since they updated but I think it’s a hue problem. Lights that previously worked fine are now saying unreachable but sometimes they are fine.

(Wayne) #142

If you cannot control these unreachable bulbs even in the hue app then there’s nothing smartthings can do about it and would only be a Hue problem.The fix from smartthings is the capability to operate bulbs which are labelled as unreachable which still work in hue.

With every update philips are basically making it difficult for any manufacturer to be compatible without being part of their friends of Hue programme. My view is they will not out and out block access like they did before (bad PR) but just make subtle changes to make you want to abandon unofficial devices.

Basically, I think it’s inevitable that things will get worse with every hue bridge update rather than better.

(Shelley Powers) #143

Yup, seeing it off and on. But agree with others, and think it’s a Hue issue.

I’ve tried controlling the bulbs through ST and directly via Alexa and can get the delay. That means the issue is Hue.

(Ramzman) #144

Hi Wayne

While all of this was happening I switched to a v2 hub without the Aug update and hue worked great… as soon as the ST hub got the latest update the issues started again. I agree this clearly is a ST~Hue issue, but the ST Aug update isn’t innocent in this.

I’m personally migrating to Lutron more and more… and using ST to manage sensors only , but other apps to manage lighting…

(chris) #145

My Smartthings have had almost daily problems since the update to the hub firmware on the 15th August.
The most frequent problems have been with my Philips Hue’s.
The status page; says "Update - Changes to the Hue integration have improved control of bulbs marked as “Unreachable”. We continue to work to address incorrect state reporting from “Unreachable” lights.
Sep 30, 21:12 EDT"
This is the latest update on what has been an ongoing problem for me since early August.
I find it hard to blame the Hues because they work perfectly on their own or with Alexa, it’s only when I add my Smartthings hub that the Hues become unreachable.
I’m really disappointed with Smartthings.


I’m going on two weeks communicating with support daily about the same problem. I can control my Hue bulbs with any other integration except smart things. Make sure you send an email to Hopefully the more people telling them about this, the higher priority it will be on their list.

(Aaron S) #147

Absolutely… let us know! I haven’t seen any trending reports recently, but the more people experiencing an issue, the higher we can prioritize it

(Kevin) #148

I am seeing a bunch of issues with Hue over the last couple of days. Tonight already have seen 3 or 4 failures where 4 of 5 lights came on when commanded via ST. Didnt have live logging up so cant tell the issue. But tonight for the last 3 hours or so I’ve seen this happen at least 3 or 4 times here in my house. All Hue connected. All show online and connected… but still part of the lights didnt come on.

(Kevin) #149

And now my app is just sitting here spinning. Not opening. @Aaron seems like there is an issue if you ask me… My app isnt even opening @slagle @Tyler . Just dead in the water… and its been so smooth for a while… the ST way…

(Kevin) #150

Ticket open, 265453 for the slowness and crashing I’m seeing.

Just now tried to open My Hubs on and it gave me an error 500.

While watching live logging saw timeouts for controlling hue, saw java errors here and there. This is using all stock apps and device handlers. Hue connect app, with all my automation done though SmartLighting.

(Kevin) #151

Getting 500’s for multiple places within the site…

Oh No! Something Went Wrong!
500: Internal Server Error
Reference Id
Fri Oct 14 02:48:59 UTC 2016

(Kevin) #152

Execution of my kitchen light automation was sub 1000ms up until 10-11. After that we have a high of 8500ms with what looks like I’d call it an average of 5000ms… for a simple ‘on with motion’ with smartlighting app, controlling Hue connected bulbs.

(Jeff) #153

Same delay here. It’s so bad that it seems to affect my Hue Dimmers too. The automatic lights using Smartthings motion sensor seems to have problems as well. It’s weird because if I open the app on my iPhone, the delay gets better and events that didn’t happen will happen all at once once the Smartthings app is opened on my phone.

(Wayne) #154

I think it’s all finally fixed now. All working great right now.