New hub with devices randomly going offline


After 2 months of struggling with my SmartThings WiFi hubs and having all of three stop functioning one by one, I finally gave up and bought a new aeotec hub. Got it Sunday morning and spent the day excluding and adding devices to the new hub. It went very smoothly. All the devices have EDGE drivers.

Suddenly yesterday my Schlage locks start going offline one by one. Now every time I look in the app more devices are offline. I thought I would try to exclude/re-include them. Now neither the exclusion or inclusion work on the hub. Is anyone else experiencing these kinds of problems?

how many Edge drivers do you have installed on the hub?

21 from 8 different channels

Which model Schlage? If it supports S2 security, did you set it up authenticated? Which Edge driver are you using for the locks? What version is your hub running?

The behavior sounds similar to what happened when I converted my locks to Edge.

One has S2 security and the other 2 do not. I completed the security setup on the one that has it. They are all Schlage connect keypad deadbolts. They worked fine for 2 days and then just went offline. I tried to remove 1 but like I said the exclusion failed. I haven’t tried a factory reset yet since I don’t want to have to reprogram all the codes.

That’s enough to potentially overload your hub. Do you get a memory warning when you go through the prompts to add a device by brand?

No, I’ve never seen a memory warning but I usually just scan. I did add a couple items by brand but didn’t have any problems.

So did it eventually resolve itself or did you have to do something? This was the first time I had my locks on an EDGE driver and it just worked for 2 days.

It was resolved when my Wi-Fi (Plume) hub was updated to 45.11 from 43.5. The problem seemed to be related to my lock that was S2 authenticated and not properly responding to Z-Wave commands which backed up the transmission queue on the hub (not sure if the hub was sending malformed messages or something about the lock itself). Once the queue was overrunning, no Z-Wave commands could be sent so all devices in the mesh started going offline. As long as that lock was not added to the mesh, everything worked fine. Add back in and the mesh would melt down.

If you are still having issues, I highly suggest using the ST CLI to do driver logging and see what is happening. In my case, the hub showed these messages when the lock was on the network.

Z-Wave Lock  Z-Wave command(d6a4534d) transmit status: TRANSMIT_COMPLETE_NO_ACK
TRACE Z-Wave Lock  Z-Wave command(909501d1) transmit status: TRANSMIT_COMPLETE_FAIL
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